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Peter The Great

By jphaff
  • Birth

    Peter the Great was born on this date in Moscow, Russia to his parents, Father Alexis of Russia and his mother Nataliya Naryshkina.
  • Peter Begins his Rule, Russia will never be the same.

    Peter Begins his Rule, Russia will never be the same.
    On May 7th 1682 Peter becomes Co-ruler of Russia with his half brother Ivan V after the passing of Feodor III and a brief uprising of The Streltsy. The Streltsy movement demanded that Ivan V to co-rule with Peter.
  • Peter rules alone.

    Peter the Great half brother Ivan V dies and Peter is now able to rule alone with no tension from Tsar Alexis other children/family line. Peter was now supreme ruler and Tsar of Russia.
  • Visits Europe

    Visits Europe
    In 1697 Peter made a famous trip to Western Europe in the hopes to win the aid of the Europen monarchs. He travled in a transparent disguise with his large Russian delegation known as the "Grand Embassy".
  • The Great Northern War

    The great Northern War (1700-1721) begins between Russia and Sweden. With new and better built warships Peter the great thinks it is time for combat on the Baltic. After the war Peter ould have the ice free ports he needed and permanent influence on European affairs.
  • St. Petersburg founded

    St. Petersburg founded
    Peter the Great starts the construction of his new city of St Petersburg. Peter wanted this new city, which he built on the Gulf of Finland in the a province of Swedish empire which he had captured, to be the capital city of Russia. (Craig et al Pg 614)
  • Peter's son Aleksei dies

    Distrustful of his own son, Peter undertook an investigation into his fears that his son, Aleksei, was involved with his court opponets. Thinking that his son was a focus for possible sedition while Russia was at war, Peter interrogated his son and condemned his to death. (Craig et al P614)
  • Peters Rule comes to an end.

    Peters Rule comes to an end.
    On a cold winter day the great Tsar of Russian passes away after a long battle with many health issues. Peter dies, leaving an uncertain succession of his throne.