American Imperialism

  • McKinley Tariff-1890

    Led to sharp rises in products prices
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Hawaii was very important due to it's location. The united states finally signed it over to prevent France or England from aquiring it.
  • Teller Amendment

    Resolution stating US didn't intend to take over and annex cuba.
  • Spanish American war

    Spanish American war
    Started because of the brutal way spain treated cuba. after the four month war USA emerged as an even greater world power.
  • Annexation of Philippines

    Senate wanted to annex philippines, and after a fierce debate the senate narrowly approved the treaty.
  • Boxer rebellion

    Boxer rebellion
    Revolt in which chineese nationalists (boxers) attacked foreigners in order to end foreign involvement in china's affairs. put down by international force after 2 months
  • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

    an agreement between france, usa, and panama that stated, "the United States was to receive rights to a canal zone which was to extend five miles on either side of the route Panama was to receive a payment of $10 million Panama was to receive annual rental payments of $250,000."
  • USA and panama canal

    USA and panama canal
    Republic of columbia and panama were negociating a treaty to build a canal to prevent traveling around south america.
  • The Roosevelt Corollary

    The Roosevelt Corollary
    Roosevelt annouced, "the United States had the right and the need to intervene in the internal affairs of states in the Western hemisphere if they did not get their own affairs in order."
  • Great white Fleet

    Great white Fleet
    Roosevelt sent a fleet 4 destroyers and 16 battleships to the japan port to remind them of the strength of us military.
  • Dollar diplomacy

    ideally would make us a commercial and financial world power. focused on protecting bussinessman with investments and trade.