Timeline of Mrs. Zielaskie's computer class

  • typing master

    typing master
    typing masterWe practiced typing master for 15 minutes a day.
  • Publisher assignment

    Publisher assignment
    publisherWe worked on an assignment in publisher creating a poster and variouse other things to represent our favorite sports team or music group.
  • Assignment in Word

    Assignment in Word
    microsoft wordWe created tabs, columns, outlines, tables, busness letters, envelopes, and shapes in Microsoft word.
  • Screen Capture video

    Screen Capture video
    screencapture.comWe worked on our screen capture video animating cartoon figures.
  • Prezi

    prezi.comWe worked on our prezi creating a power point type thing.
  • Blogger

    blogger.comWe made our own personal blog and our classmates were allowed to comment on our work and give constructive criticism.
  • Powerpiont

    microsoft powerpointWe made a powerpoint including the details of a trip that we would like to take to a ceartain country. I chose Sweden.
  • HTML

    html codes
    We created an html website using the codes that we learned in notepad.