Computer Class Experience

  • Typing Master

    Typing Master
    Typing Master, the greatest tool of all, taught us to type like..someone who types really well.
  • Publisher

    We used Publisher to do projects on a musical group or sports teams. I chose Flight of the Conchards, and Daniel McVay made fun of me.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    We learned to use Word to make tables and do many other useful things.
  • Screen Capture Video

    Screen Capture Video
    Cam Studio was briefly used to take a video of a game I played once. Or twice.
  • Prezi

    Daniel and I made a prezi about new iPod devices, such as the iFridge, the iGlasses and the iMirror. It was a huge success and Apple sent many emails to us asking for the prototypes. Of course, we declined their first offer of $100 and raised it to $1,000,000. They agreed, and now Daniel and I are extremely rich.
  • Powerpoint

    Everybody chose a country and we made a million slides about it. Ok, not a million. But close. It was all very exciting especially when the late day to do it came and everybody realized they should work on it.
  • Blogger

    When Mrs. Zielanski introduced Blogger to use, not everybody was thrilled. And now, I'm sure nobody is excited about it. But we all made blogs, which was fun.
  • HTML and Notepad

    HTML and Notepad
    The new year started off with a bang, when we began to use
    Notepad and created our own websites. Mine was about Russian Tortoises.