Our Computer Adventures

  • Typing Master

    Typing Master
    Ahhhh good ol Typing Master, what can I say it taught us tp type like the masters!
  • Publisher

    Well publisher was quite the assignment it took close to a week and a half! We were told to make many things such as buisness cards and posters for our favorite bands.
  • Word

    We spent alot of this semester on word. I always thaught word was only for typing but it turns out you can make maps and and shapes and so many other awsome things!
  • Screen Capture Video

    Well this was a bit... tricky. This was the one that didn't quite work the way we planned.
  • Prezi Fun

    Prezi Fun
    Well what can i say Prezi was awsome. I enjoyed all the features and options it allowed.
  • Bloggy McBlogger

    Bloggy McBlogger
    Next came Blogger. Blogger is a very interesying site that allows you and your friends to communicate and share pictures.
  • Magic Of Powerpoint

    Magic Of Powerpoint
    Powerpoint was not my favorite project. It took a bit too long for my taste but it did teach me the uses of powerpoint!
  • HTML Magic!

    HTML Magic!
    HTML's were one of the most challenging things I have dont on a computer. The require alot of attension and knowlage of shortcuts.