My Life

  • New Life

    I was born.
  • Iowa Park

    Moved from Vernon, Texas to Iowa Park, Texas.
  • Cali

    Moved to Cali.
  • New Jorsey

    Moved to New Jersey from Cali.
  • Step Mother

    Moved to Granbury, Texas From New Jersey to live with Step Mother
  • Home of the Bobcats

    Moved from Granbury, Texas to Hallsville, Texas
  • Spider

    Got bit by brown recluse spider.

    Moved from Hallsville, Texas to Chillicothe, Texas
  • Moved to Charlotte, North Carolina

    Moved from Chillicothe, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Kankakee Valley High School

    Moved to Indiana.
  • Employee

    Got a job at Burritos Jalisco.
  • Graduation

    High school is over.