100th Day of School Time Line

  • Maggie's Birthday

    Maggie's Birthday
    Maggie turned 10 !!!!
  • Meet the Teacher

    Meet the Teacher
    Mrs.LeBouef is my science teacher and homeroom teacher. My math teacher is Mrs.Hickman .My language arts tacher is Mrs.Sherman , and my social studies tacher is Mrs. Reitzel. I can't wait to start school!!!!
  • 1st Day of School

    1st Day of School
    I am in LC3 with all my soccer friends!!
  • Park Day

    Park Day
    PARK DAY ROCKS!!!!!!
  • End of 1st Quarter

    End of 1st Quarter
    I have been in school for 9 weeks
  • 1st Report Card

    1st Report Card
    I hope I get all A's!!!
  • Field Trip

    Field Trip
    I love field trips!!!
  • Fundraiser Reward at Main Event

    Fundraiser Reward at Main Event
  • Thanksgiving

    I am going to Florida during Thanksgiving
  • Challenge Course

    Challenge Course
    I love ropes!!!!:)
  • Junior Achievement

    Junior Achievement
    I learned so much about jobs!!!!!!:)
  • Holiday Party

    Holiday Party
    I hope I don't have a sugar rush!!!!!:)
  • Gingerbread Decoration Day

    Gingerbread Decoration Day
    I love doing stuff with my best friends!!!!!!!!:)
  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve
    Its so hard to sleep on Christmas Eve!!!!!!!
  • CHRISTMAS!!!!!!:)

    OMG its CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!:)

    New year fresh start!!!!