Kimberly Farmer's Timeline

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    Pre-Natal Development and Birth

  • Prenatal Development and Birth

    My mother mis-carried twice before giving birth to me, prematurely three months early on March 8, 1969. I would spend two months in the hospital before going home. Weighed in a little over 3lbs. Lungs developed. Breathed on my own. Toes on left foot smaller than toes on the right foot, and missing a toe nail on the left foot. Other than that very unremarkable physically from a full-term infant.
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    The First Two Years

  • The First Two Yrs

    Biosocial-Bottle-fed, spoiled by nurses before coming home. Healthy appetitite. Slept well; hit developmental markers timely. Slept well. Took regular naps.
    Cognitive-Mom/grandmother primary caregivers. Saying words before one.

    Psychosocial-Described as "easy baby', very smart, attachments mainly to mom and grandmother, not so much my dad. No child care facilities or sitters at this time.
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    The Play Years

  • The Play Years

    Biosocial-Loss of baby fat. Thinned out and remained thin until the birth of my child. Mealtimes were stand-offs. Mom began her obsession with weight supplements. Very active. Bicycle accident. Oral surgery. Abuse began. Co-slept w/mother. would not sleep independently until about ten. Sucked my thumb, and a bed-wetter.
    Cognitively-Loved school, avid learner, I was very girly, hated sports, loved clothes and very focused on appearance.Psychosocial-Parents divorced. Mother permissive.
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    The School Years

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  • The School Years

    Biosocial-Very active, riding bitkes, roller-skating, jumping rope hop scotch. My brother was born. Cognitive-Did well academically. Entered into a school for gifted children Very self-motivated. Would read and write for hours. Psychosocial- Huge responsibility for helping with brother. Mom became ill. Lost house. Started moving regularly . Met dad around 11 yrs old. Began to form relationship after his disappearance after divorcing my mother . Began spending part of summers together.
  • Adolescence

    Biosocial-Normal onset of puberty. Still markedly thin. Appetitie better. Mom took a hiatus from boyfriend. Not around through adolescence really. First Sexual Experience . Cognitive-began school for the gifted, Passion for reading and writing . Best friend deeply religious. Began to explore religion. Psychosocial-Identity development; lots of friends, but only close to two or three. Peer approval important. Drinking experimentally. Graduated with many honors/activities .
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Emerging Adulthood

    Biosocial-Still very underweight. Ate horribly through school, partied hard, Less active, physically. Stayed away from drugs, drank occassionally. Worked two jobs off campus, slept little, did three internships and still graduated with honors on time. Cognitive-seeking to reconcile childhood issues with parents, transforming and redefining self through , spirituality progresses. Psychosocial-Responsible for seeing younger brother through college, traveling the world, doing well in career.
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  • Adulthood

    Biosocial-Single mother to a son. Not physically active. Samuel was also premature by a month. Good baby. Battling the additional weight (60lbs). Menses changing. ending. Fibroids a health threat. Cognitively not as sharp as when younger. Tend to be forgetful. In school in my later years. Will go on to have a second illustrious career and retire at 65. Psychosocial-Brief loss of income, pressures of job loss, raising child, redefining career. Will marry by fifty years old.
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    Late adulthood

  • Late Adulthood

    Biosocial-Walking unassisted. Put on more weight with age. Body changing. Not as tall. Hair gray, Living independantly with loved ones checking in on myself and my husband. Cognitively, I am a lot slower . Still an avid reader. Psychosocial-Living with my husband and enjoying the fruits of our well though out retirement in another warmer city. Close to children. Husband died first. I survived until 82. I had requested not to be resucitated and I died peacefully in my sleep in my home.