Toddler Timeline

By kmorgan
  • Baby is born

    Baby is born
  • 13-18 months : pysical

    13-18 months : pysical
    -The toddler may eat less but eats frequently throughout the day. -They get better at feeding themselves but spills are still expected.
    -Toddlers may grow less quickly than during infancy.
    - They can also drink from a cup with help,scribble and stack blocks.
  • 13-18 months : cognitive

    13-18 months : cognitive
    -Toddlers can name familiar people,objects, body parts.
    -Their attention span is very short.
    -They also are curious and uses "NO" alot.
    -Toddlers also point to the objects they want and combine two words to form a basic sentence.
  • 19-24 months: physical

    19-24 months: physical
    Toddlers can stand on the tip of their toes. They can throw balls, kick them forward and walk, climb,digs and walk up and down stairs on their own. They start to show an interest in potty training and rite now they are the most active than at any other point in their lives
  • 19-24 months:cognitive

    19-24 months:cognitive
    -Toddlers start to express their feelings and wishs and follow simple directions.
    -Their attention spans is still short and they use three or more words in cobination .
    -They can memorize short rhymes and join in simple songs.
    -Toddlers have trouble making choices but they want to make choices and think about ding something before doing it.
  • 25-30 months:pysical

    25-30 months:pysical
    They can ride a tricycle, catch a ball and stand on one foot
    They walk on their tip toes and jump horizontally.
    Toddlers can handle small objects such as puzzles
    They can smear or daub paint or draw in circlar motions
    Toddlers grow about 3 inches in a year
  • 25-30 months:cognitive

    25-30 months:cognitive
    -At this age they learn best by doing and needs a variety of activities.
    -They need a balance between indoors and outdoors and between active and quiet play
    -They can communicate their needs, ideas, and questions
  • 31-36 months:pysical

    31-36 months:pysical
    -They ca nrun on tip toes, gallop,hop on one foot, swing, skip and throw a ball overhand
    - Toddlers like unzipping, unsnapping,and unbottoning their clothing
    -They are very active and aggressive in their playing
  • 31-36 months :cognitive

    31-36 months :cognitive
    -Toddlers ask a lot of questions and are very talkative
    -Their lanuage includes silly words and profanity and enjoys serious discussions
    Their classification skills and reasoning ability are developing