100 Days of School

Timeline created by gibsoct
  • Meet the teacher

    Meet the teacher
    Where you meet the teachers before the first day.
  • 1st Day of school

    1st Day of school
    Where you go to shcool for the first time in the new grade
  • Paark day and Social

    Paark day and Social
    Go to park all day during school
  • End of 1st period

    End of 1st period
    Next nine weeks is about to start
  • 1st report card

    1st report card
    Get report card
  • Feld Trip day

    Feld Trip day
    You go on a trip during school but you still learn cool things
  • Fundraiser reward

    Fundraiser reward
    Fundraiser reward means you go to main event
  • Thanksgiving

    A time where people give thanks to family and friends by food that the Pilgrims started.
  • Challenge Course

    Challenge Course
    You go in the woods in a group and play lots of fun games.
  • Junior Acheivement

    Junior Acheivement
    You learn about community service, jobs, and other important stuff about communities.
  • Christmas party

    Christmas party
    You play games, and other fun stuff durring the day before christmas break.
  • Christmas Break Begins

    Christmas Break Begins
    You go home for weeks without having school, but you spend time with family, or friends.
  • Christmas

    You open presents and give presents on God's B-Day
  • End of break.

    End of break.
    Kids are very sad because no mre days of playing in the morning with friends or staying up late. They go back to school.
  • Begging of 3 quarter.

    Begging of 3 quarter.
    The kids and teachers have been to school for more than half days of school.
  • Dog has to get stitches.

    Dog has to get stitches.
    I was playing with him he was running away he ran into something sharp then it tore open his skin.