10 Year Timeline

  • Moves both arms and both legs

    2 months
  • Holds head up when on tummy

    2 months
  • Brings hands to mouth

    4 months
  • Rolls from tummy to back

    6 months
  • Leans on hands to support herself when sitting

    6 months
  • Gets to a sitting position by herself

    9 months
  • Walks, holding on to furniture

    1 year
  • Pulls up to stand

    1 year
  • Runs, Kicks a ball, & Eats with a spoon

    2 years
  • Uses fingers to feed herself some food

    15 months
  • Walks without holding on to anyone or anything

    18 months
  • Uses hands to twist things, like turning doorknobs or unscrewing lids

    30 months
  • Turns book pages, one at a time, when you read to her

    30 months
  • Strings items together, like large beads or macaroni & Uses a fork

    3 years
  • Holds crayon or pencil between fingers and thumb, Unbuttons some buttons, & Serves herself food or pours water, with adult supervision

    4 years
  • Buttons some buttons & Hops on one foot

    5 years
  • Are developing their first molars & Are starting to lose baby teeth

    6 years
  • Are getting more coordinated in activities that use the large muscles, such as swimming or climbing

    7 years
  • Tie their shoelaces. Draw a diamond shape. Draw a person with 16 features. Become increasingly skilled in hobbies, sports, and active play.

    8 years
  • Get dressed, brush their hair, brush their teeth, and get ready without any help. Use simple tools, such as a hammer, by themselves.

    9 years
  • Have gained control of their large and small muscles. They are able to enjoy activities that use these skills, such as basketball, dancing, and soccer.

    10 years