10 obsolete products

By 41843
  • 1978 BCE


    The Laserdisc was a large disc resembling the CDs but will be able to store videos. The Laserdisc got replaced which is known as another old item DVD.
  • 1867 BCE


    A Typewriter was basically the computer people used to do work and write on piece of paper. You were able to write alphabetical letters, numbers, and typographical symbols all on one paper. The challenge when using the Typewriter was when you made a mistake, you had to restart and do it again.
  • Sep 10, 600

    Quill Pen and Ink

    Quill Pen and Ink
    Quill Pen and Ink is a writing tool that got created from a feather that comes from a bird, it uses ink that starts writing on ink surfaces, basically like a normal pen/pencil.
  • Hassock

    A Hassock was used for someone to sit on, usually to take a little break from walking or to tie your shoe laces. This is still around but not much.
  • Phone Books

    Phone Books
    Phone books were used back in the day to have peoples name, numbers, and addresses in one place. This would be any person and a big part in business.
  • Wall Telephone

    Wall Telephone
    The Wall Telephone was invented in 1899, this was used to communicate with others.
  • Pagers

    Pagers was a tool mostly used by emergency services which are doctors and more that needed a way to be notified about something. The pagers is a beeping and vibrating device that will notify the receiver.
  • Table Trays

    Table Trays
    A Table Tray was something used to put your plate on so you can eat your food, it was used for more things but that is the main part.
  • Old Hand Mixer

    Old Hand Mixer
    A Old Hand Mixer was used in cooking to mix things
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    A Floppy disk was a thin flexible plastic disk that got coated with magnetic material. You were able to store data and programs that you put on here which later on you can reclaim.