Моя бабуся Подорож до Америки - My Bobba's Journey to America

  • Born in Komushybata, Ukraine

    On this day, my Bobba (Grandma) was born in
  • Period: to

    The Years of my Bobba's Life

  • Period: to

    Bobba's family is sent into hiding

  • Bobba is captured by Nazis

    My Bobba and her family were traveling the country to flee to Poland in mid-winter by horse and buggy. Unfortunatelly, the Nazis were told that their wagon-train would be going through a certain area, and they were ambushed in the night and sent onto the train straight for Germany.
  • Period: to

    Bobba is Under Nazi Control

  • Americans Free Bobba - American Camps

  • Period: to

    Bobba is in American Camp in Germany

  • Bobba Leaves For America

  • Bobba Arrives in Boston

    A Presbyterian Church in Milford, MI sponsers them
  • Bobba Moves To Milford, MI

  • Bobba Moves to Detroit

  • Bobba Moves to Hamtramck

  • Period: to

    Bobba Lives in Hamtramck

  • Bobba's Father Zahar Dies

  • Bobba Marries Burt Jones (Deddo)

  • Aunt Cathy Is Born

  • Bobba Moves to Warren

  • Period: to

    Bobba Lives in Warren

  • Tammy (My Mom) Is Born

  • Bobba's Mother Anastasia Died