Zoe's Goal Setting

By Zoe.m5
  • Day 1

    Day 1
    Emily and I went to 711 so Icould get an iTunes giftcard and then we just hung out at her place.
  • Period: to

    TImespan to reach goal

    This is the amount of time I have to reach my goal.
  • Ideas

    Some ideas of what I could do to improve my entrys could be adding more details of what I did that day and trying to dd pictures to every entry. Either of what I did that day or a picture that has something to do with what I did.
  • Day 2

    Day 2
    Nina, Johanna, and I went rock climbing together today. I 'm not sure if this would really go as part of my goal because it is-well I guess it does. Nevermind.
  • Day (almost)

    Emily and I were going to have a sleep over tongiht but she fogot to ask and her dad had made plans to go skiing with her the next morning. It's good we didnt do anything because im really sick.
  • Day 3

    Today after school, Emily and I took her mom's friends dog on a walk and then decided to go to 711. We asked Nina and Johanna if they wanted to come too and they did so we all went to 711 and then went to our own houses.
  • Day 4

    After school Emily and johanna came over to my house for a bit because they wanted to see something my new computer can do. They didn't stay for a really long time but it was fun!
  • Day 5?

    Uhhh....Yeah it's rockclimbing again. I still dont know if it counts but I think it should.
  • Day 6

    Today Emily and I went to Richmond Centre because I needed to buy a pair of shorts and after that we went to my house and emily got really crazy and hyper. she dressed in a leather jacket and aviator sun glasses and danced to heavy metal. I made a video! It was hilarious!!
  • The Voice

    Nina and Johanna came over to my house after Piano to watch Glee and my new favourite show The Voice! ft. Adam Levine!!
  • :(

    Nina and JOhanna were going to come over to watch The Voice but they had guests so they couldnt come :(
  • Shopping!

    Today NIna and I went to Pacific Centre to go shoppong. On the way to the Canada Line Peirce and Ayden started chasing us on bikes! But we got away....
  • Flying sock

    Some firends came down to play with my flying sock at the schoolm, we drank lemonade, and did the cinnamon challenge (where you take a sppon full of cinnamon and eat it plain).
  • Today

    Today somefriends from school came down to the park and we played with my flying sock and drank lemonade at my house.
  • Camp Potlatch!

    SO for the next 4 days I was with friends all day!
    I dont know if it counts though...
  • 711

    Today I went to 711 with Nina and Johanna!
  • Hanging out

    Ayden, Emily, and I went to Grandville Island to get pizza. After we went to the school and saw Maya and Meika so we hung out with them for a bit.
  • Swimming

    Emily, Ayden, Nao, and I went swimming today at Kits Pool, then we went back to my house and had lemonade.
  • Goal Reached

    Even though in May I have pretty much nothihng I actually did do something every weekend with firends. And every Thursday I went rock climbing with NIna and JOhanna but I stopped adding those.
  • Grad

    Emily and I went to grandville island so she could get her dad soemthing for Fathers Day. Then we got Nina and Johanna to come to 711 with us.