Yunsoo's Life Map

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    Pip's Life

    This is the life of Pip.
  • Meeting The Convict

    Meeting The Convict
    The convict forces Pip to bring him food and file. Pip shows kindness towards the convict which in return, the convict takes care of Pip at a later time. This is the beginning of the whole story
  • Goes to the Satis House

    Goes to the Satis House
    Pip meets Miss Havisham and Estella and realizes how common he is. He wants to change how he looks and acts so that he can be good enough for Estella. This creates an internal conflict towards Joe
  • Mrs. Joe Dies

    Mrs. Joe Dies
    After staying in a vegetable form, Mrs. Joe eventually died. Although Pip goes back to his old house for the funeral, when he leaves, it is very likely that he will not return. It is the last time he says good bye to Biddy and Joe
  • Meeting Herbert

    Meeting Herbert
    In London, Pip meets Herbert, the skinny boy who he fought at the Satis house. Herbert is very kind and loving, and that rubs off on Pip. Pip displays many acts of affection towards Herbert.
  • Move to London

    Move to London
    Pip leaves his past for a new future. He leaves many people in his life and meets new people who change him. This event is his gateway to becoming a gentleman.
  • Miss Havisham Dies

    Miss Havisham Dies
    When Pip returns to the Satis house, Miss Havisham's dress catches on fire. Pip risks his life to save her, but she is burned up horribly. This changes Pip's perspective on life.
  • Magwitch dies

    Magwitch dies
    Magwitch dies from injuries after he is arrested for trying to escape. Magwitch had a huge impact on Pip's life and molded his character. Without Magwitch, Pip would not be the loving, selfless gentleman he is at the end of the novel
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    Yunsoo's Life

    This is my life
  • First Lie

    First Lie
    My brother left his bike outside which got stolen. However to hide this, he lied and got in huge trouble. Although my father rarely got angered, lying went strictly against his beliefs, and therefore, it still goes against mine.
  • Move To America

    Move To America
    My father makes a huge decision of moving the family to the U.S. Although we left behind many people we love, we still kept in touch with them and met new people who have changed our lives.
  • Going to Church

    Going to Church
    After coming to America, our family started going to church. It is fairly a big part of my life now. It has shaped my values and my morals. I'm a better person after going to church than before I went.
  • Cousin Dies Young

    Cousin Dies Young
    One day, while playing basketball with my dad, we received a call that my cousin got hit by a subway train. He had speech impediment as a child until he was five. However, he turned out to go to Seould University, the number one University in Korea. I realized life is short, so I live with no regrets
  • Vice Presdient

    Vice Presdient
    In 5th Grade, I was elected as the Vice President of my elementary schools. My leadership skills and my speaking skills increased greatly thanks to that event.
  • Stupid Sixth Grade Friends

    Stupid Sixth Grade Friends
    I started involving myself with bad company. We acted stupid and did stupid things. It ruined my values for awhile until we separated our own ways.
  • Oxford Academy

    Oxford Academy
    I passed the test and made it into Oxford Academy. I met many new friends who changed who I am. I am glad to be here.