Yemen Arab Spring

  • President Saleh visits the US

    President Saleh visits US, tells President Bush that Yemen is a partner in the fight against terrorism.
  • Protests for Seleh's removal

    Thousands take to the streets in Sanaa and southern cities urging President Saleh to quit; weeks of mass protests follow
  • Saleh Resignation

    In a last-ditch attempt to stop protests demanding his resignation, President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen announced today he would step down in 2013 and that his son, Ahmed, would not succeed him.
  • New Constitution....?

    Yemen's president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has said he will draw up a new constitution to create a parliamentary system of government in an attempt to defuse increasingly violent protest against his 32-year rule. But an opposition spokesman swiftly rejected the proposal and called for anti-government rallies to continue.
  • Protesters killed

    52 protesters killed by snipers; Mr Saleh declares state of emergency
  • Seleh claims he will step down

    Mr Saleh says he will stand down within weeks; he later appears to renege on the deal
  • Clashes Erupt

    Clashes erupt between Saleh loyalists and tribal groups; dozens die in days of fighting
  • Saleh Injured

    Shells hit presidential compound, injuring Mr Saleh; he leaves the country for treatment
  • Government Forces Crackdown

    Government forces launch crackdown on protester camps; more than 50 die in two days
  • President Saleh returns to Yemen

    President Saleh returns to Yemen
  • Saleh Signs Deal

    President Saleh signs deal to transfer power to vice-president
  • Hadi Inaugurated

    Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi inaugurated as president after uncontested elections
  • Fire on Aden

    Yemen forces fire on Aden demonstrators.
  • Suicide Bomb Attack

    Suicide bomb attack in Yemen's Abyan province kills 12.
  • Yemen Border Fronts

    Saudi ARabia build giant Yemen border fronts