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CCA and Kwinatu History

  • The Formation of Commonwealth

    The Formation of Commonwealth
    The Port Lagbard proclamation of CCA, signed by the two colony governor-general, Franqueterre Lesto and Lentië Helien
  • Period: to

    First Commonwealth of Central Archantan Colonies

  • Formation of First Commonwealth Congress

    Formation of First Commonwealth Congress
    The legislative branch of government was formed in Port Lagbard to decide the shape of the commonwealth's government along with the first President of the Commonwealth, Jan Tomlinson Langaard
  • President Langaard Inauguration

    President Langaard Inauguration
    President Tomlinson Langaard is inaugurated by the Parliament in Port Lagbard. He was elected by the consideration from Parliament as he was the Governor-General of Lentië-Helien
  • Gloenghem Agreement

    Gloenghem Agreement
    President Langaard and the congress agree to set Gloenghem as the Executive capital of CCA. It will built above the traditional burying ground of Tzi'palak's tribe of Bambusho. The decision to be placed in Gloenghem is because it was more central compared to Port Lagbard to ensure the unity of central regions
  • Svennish Samban refuse to join CCA

    Svennish Samban refuse to join CCA
    Henrik Tafödden, the Ambassador of CCA to Svennish Samban offered Hammarlid to join the Commonwealth. Governor-General Viljam Skräddar refuses the opportunities as he said that both cultures are quite different.
  • Invasion of Pasika

    Invasion of Pasika
    The sultanate of Pasika was invaded by the Svennish Samban with great support from the Governor-General and the Councils. 200,000 men from Svennish Samban was sent to the border city of Mesekat. Days of naval combat in Bandar Pasika and Labakh, the Sultanate surrender with signing the Mesekat Agreement
  • Second Industrial Revolution

    Second Industrial Revolution starts in CCA a bit late because of the politics and education in the country. Starting with some industrial cities in Port Lagbard, Port Essington and Goukamma
  • Massacre of Nieuw Kasteel

    Massacre of Nieuw Kasteel
    820 native killed in a land clearing conflict with the white farmer around Nieuw Kasteel
  • President Cabet Inauguration

    President Cabet Inauguration
    Étienne Cabet, the Head of Congress is inaugurated by the parliament as he was chosen by his own congressmen. Cabet is the second president of CCA
  • Étienne Cabet Introduce Voting Rights

    President Étienne Cabet introduce Voting Rights to white citizen and denied rights for natives. The Democratization of the Commonwealth starts with the harsh segregation
  • Griemdag Famine

    Griemdag Famine resulted in hundred thousand of death in Southern CCA. Several policy was made in the country to start importing food from other countries
  • Road connection between Samban and Central Archanta is complete

    Road connection between Samban and Central Archanta is complete
    The long and deadly construction of Glongheim-Hammarlid Postroad (Postweg) finally opened after 25 years of construction. Later, this road would be the way of Central Archanta to influence the Hammarlid government to join CCA
  • President De Graaf Inauguration

    President De Graaf Inauguration
    Johannes De Graaf was elected to be the third president after winning the first nationwide election. De Graaf promises to solve the famine and economic liberalization of the nation
  • Oil Discovered in Ukuxhasa

    Oil Discovered in Ukuxhasa
    FS owned company discover a large deposit of oil in the arid landscape of Ukuxhasa
  • Union of Fascist Party Enter Congress

    Union of Fascist Party Enter Congress
    Newly formed Union of Fascist Party has already bring the attention of people that they won 22 seat in the congress. Leader of UFP, stated that they are the main opposition of President Smuts government
  • President Smuts

    President Smuts
    President William Smuts is inaugurated after winning the 2nd presidential election of CCA. Smuts promised to giving out more arable land to the white farmer and CCA as the economic power in the region
  • President Deliver the Executive Act of Anti-Slavery

    President Deliver the Executive Act of Anti-Slavery
    Executive Act of Anti-Slavery is a bill that is introduced by President Smuts to empower native. He believe that without slavery and the wellness of native will improve the economy furthermore
  • Dark Wednesday

    Dark Wednesday
    After the abolishment of slavery, the angry mob did a race-related violence in several cities around CCA. Majority of the white mob were angry at the government that now native is permitted to visit the Downtown and owning a business
  • Nationwide Strike by the White Worker

    Nationwide Strike by the White Worker
    White workers around the country did a nationwide strike. Most of them are skilled worker who didn't want to work with the native. UFP saw this as the opportunity to organized the workers to against the government
  • President de Voorst of UFP Elected as President

    President de Voorst of UFP Elected as President
    After political crisis happening in the government and several failed attempt of state-sponsored assassination of de Voorst, he finally was elected to be the 5th president of CCA with his party as the majority of the congressmen
  • de Voorst announced the formation of Second Commonwealth

    de Voorst announced the formation of Second Commonwealth
    Newly elected president De Voorst announced in the congress the formation of a new Commonwealth with a new cabinet, constitution and several reforms.
  • Period: to

    Second Commonwealth of Central Archantan Nation

  • Port Lagbard Market Crash

    Port Lagbard Market Crash
    The stock market went through a series of unsettling price declines. These declines fed investor anxiety and events came to a head. Unemployment and public riot happened all over the country
  • The Assassination of Stephanus Beenhouwer

    The Assassination of Stephanus Beenhouwer
    Stephanus Beenhouwer is a famous half-native politician which is vocal about slavery abolitionists, equalist and labour activists. He was assassinated during his speech in Pieterstaad
  • Svennish Samban Annexation

    Svennish Samban Annexation
    On the morning of the 6th of January, a coup happening in Svennish Samban, de Voorst backed militia and a few parties in Samban occupied the governors-general office and demand to join the Commonwealth, with finally the resignation of governors-general and the signing of Hammarslid Treaty
  • The Kraffers Massacre

    The Kraffers Massacre
    Predominantly native and coloured worker and the farmer was killed in rampant violence and riot all across the Southern Port Lagbard. Politicians and white workers blame the natives because of the economic crisis that is happened a few years after natives almost got an equal working treatment as the whites.
  • Hyperinflation hit CCA

    Hyperinflation hit the economy of CCA very hard, and the failure of the economic plan of de Voorst cabinet was criticized but soon easen in a few months
  • de Voorst blame the FS and Mecyna

    de Voorst blame the FS and Mecyna
    As the economic condition worsen, export and trade surplus also worsens. de Voorst blame FSA, Mecyna and Ardencia for the unfair trade treatment and highly competitive market export.
  • Annexation of Adeba

    Annexation of Adeba
    Adeba, a small nation in the far east of CCA, has been a target for joining the union. Although it was a colony of the same Franqueterre administration in Lesto, Adeba has been fighting for its independence during the last few years before the formation of CCA. Adeba annexation was processed quickly and without any significant force from the government.
  • CCA expelled from the Archantan Nation Trade Union

    CCA expelled from the Archantan Nation Trade Union
    After several statements from the President, CCA was expelled from the nations of the trading union in Archanta and some countries in Uletha did the same. CCA cannot use the Mecynan canal anymore or trade with countries that are under the ANTU