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Events within 1996-2000

  • The Number Ones Spice Girls "Wannabe"

    The Spice Girls' debut single, "Wannabe", was released by Virgin Records In the UK in July 1996 and quickly became number one in 37 countries worldwide.
  • Windows NT 4.0

    Microsoft Corp, announced the release of Windows NT Server 4.0, the latest version of the world’s best-selling server operating system.
  • Taiwan first direct Presidential Election

    Taiwan first direct Presidential Election
    • Taiwan held the first direct election of the President and Vice President on March 23, 1996. The outcome of the election was that Lee Teng-hui was elected as President and Lien Chan as Vice President.
  • The Released of the Nintendo 64 in japan

    The Released of the Nintendo 64 in japan
    The well iconic home video game console, The N64 was released in Japan and North America on Jun 23, and September 23.
  • The original Tickle Me Elmo

    The classic Tickle Me Elmo was produced and sold in 1996 by Tyco, soon after quickly became the hottest toy of the year, then later became the hardest toy to find.
  • Price Charles and Princess Diana Divorce

    Price Charles and Princess Diana Divorce
    Soon after their separation in 1992, the Queen Elizabeth II urged the couple to divorce within august 1996. Soon after 2 months the well beloved Princess Diana and prince Charles finally got a divorce.
  • Water Lily Barbie Doll

    Water Lily Barbie Doll
    1997 Mattel’s released Water Lily Barbie doll is inspired by artist Claude Monet's iconic painting Water Lily.
  • Microsoft becomes the world most valuable company

    In 1997 Microsoft became the world's most valuable company valued at $261 billion dollars.
  • Star Fox 64

    Star Fox 64
    June 30th the classic video game star fox was released on the Nintendo 64 in North America
  • Hong Kong Chinese rule

    At midnight on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong reverts back to Chinese rule in a ceremony attended by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince Charles of Wales, Chinese President Jiang Zemin and U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
  • The Lion King Musical

    The Lion king musical debuted on July 8, 1997, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the Orpheum Theatre and was successful before premiering on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre on October 15, 1997.
  • The Death of Princess Diana

    The Death of Princess Diana
    The age of 36 our beloved princess Diana died from a car crash in Paris, also her companion Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul died as well.
  • European Court of Human Rights

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is established as a permanent fixture during November of 1998, it was made to help handle the increasing number of cases that were being submitted.
  • Madonna's Ray of light

    Madonna drop her single "Ray of Light" by Maverick Records, later on peaked number 3 on RPM's top 100 singles.
  • China Anne McClain birth

    China Anne McClain birth
    China Anne McClain famous for being part of A.N.T and dropping her banger song Calling all the Monsters, was born on August 25, 1998.
  • Google was Founded

    Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD students at Stanford University in California.
  • Pokémon Yellow Version

    Pokémon Yellow Version
    The third Pokémon game was released in Japan, which was Pokémon yellow or as many say, Pokémon Pikachu version.
  • Sonic Adventures

    Sonic Adventures
    In late December japan released first sonic game called 'Sonic Adventures' on Sega console, Dream cast.
  • conflicts between pakistan and india

    known as the Indo-Pakistani War of 1999, was a war fought between India and Pakistan from that lasted from May to July 1999, their goal was to have Kashmir
  • Super Smash Bros N64

    Super Smash Bros N64
    The first Installment in the Super Smash Bros series, was the original Super Smash Bros created by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory and released in Japan
  • Kim Lip Birth

    Kim Lip Birth
    The sixth member of the infamous K-pop group Loona, Kim Lip was born on February 10, 1999, in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea.
  • The Melissa Virus

    The well known deadly computer virus was released and spread on March 26, 1999, The Melissa Virus was a a mass-mailing macro virus and costed $80 million in damage.
  • First Love - Hikaru Utada

    Released On April 28, 1999 Hikaru Utada dropped her single First Love.
  • Pokémon Gold and Sliver

    Pokémon Gold and Sliver
    The second Installments of the Pokémon series Gold and Sliver were released on The Gameboy Color in Japan on November 21,1999
  • Hillary Clinton representing New York

    Hillary Clinton is elected to the US Senate representing New York
  • Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods becomes the youngest player to win a Grand Slam in Golf
  • windows 2000

    Windows 2000, also known as Windows NT 5.0 was launched to retail on February 17, 2000, it was the successor to Windows NT 4.0
  • Vicente Fox

    Vicente Fox
    Vicente Fox won the presidential elections on July 2nd 2000, and was able to end Mexico one-party Regine
  • Gorillaz Episode

    Gorillaz Episode
    Gorillaz released their infamous Episode Tomorrow comes today on the 27th of November.
  • Pokémon Crystal

    Pokémon Crystal
    The first ever Pokémon game that let the players play as a girl, was Pokémon Crystal version, came out in japan on December 14.