Romanian Third Positionism

By momcilo
  • Partidul Naţionalist Democrat (the Nationalist Democratic Party)

    Cuza and Codreanu the elder
  • World War 1 Ends

    Romania gets massive land gains, including large Jewish population
  • The Frăţie de Cruce (Blood Brotherhood)

    Amos Frâncu
  • Students hold anti-semetic general strike

    Over the New Constitution giving Jews more rights
  • Codreanu visits Germany to learn movement tactics

    From roughly November to February. Brought over Swastika aesthetic and realized international problem of the Jew.
  • Codreanu Returns to Romania

  • First Student Confrence

    First of many to come. Activists, and Professors were invited to talk on themes, but often descended into chaos with students mucking about the local town. School shut for a whole semester
  • LANC Founded

    After a merger
  • Parliment Removes Restrictions on Jews

  • Codreanu and others charged with conspiracy to murder

    Because someone betrayed them before they could carry it out. Reprisral for Jews being given rights and Jews being a parasite on Romania. Codreanu didn't deny but claimed there was no date, which was needed for conspiracy according to Napleonic law
  • Brotherhood of the Cross founded within LANC

  • Codreanu and co. shoot police prefect Costantin Manciu

    Does it in the court room. He was Widely unpopular and considered corrupt. People loved Codreanu
  • LANC, FNR, and Romanian Action merge

    More nationalist unity, and larger base and reach
  • Cuza and Codreanus power struggle within the LANC

    Cuza was expelling members, but the Codreanus wanted a more open process
  • Short-Lived National Fascist Party

  • Codreanu acquitted for murder

  • Codreanu and Elena marry

  • Codreanu returns from France and starts recuriting for a new group

  • Founding of the Legion of the Archangel Michael

    Formed after Codreanu returned from France and broke with LANC after the election
  • Period: to

    King Michael I Reign

    ended when he abdicated to keep with his Jewish mistress
  • Legion started to build it's own cultural center (Camin) in Ungheni

    After they were evicted out of their old Camin which students used while in the LANC
  • Legion starts reaching out to peasants

    Legionnaries would go in pairs to the country side to gain support among the pesants. Slow, but steady progress. Would come on foot or horseback and helped in local harvests. Not in cars and suits. Dressed in folk clothing.
  • Period: to

    King Carol II Reign

  • Codreanu Elected to Office

  • Legion banned by National Peasant government

    After a sympathetic person shot a centre-left newspaper editor, Emil Socor
  • Legion wins 5 seats in parliment

    No cars, limited man powerand were only able to contest 40 counties out of 71 counties. Got a total of 2.4 percent of the vote. Also had to deal with the ruling party of Carol using dirty tactics against them.
  • Legion begins to appeal to Industrial/Urban workers

    Early 1933
  • LANC workers waiters union

  • Legion again banned by government

  • Government stops Legion from building damn

    Summer of 1933, again major good press for them
  • Goga personally invited to Berling by Nazis

    The Nazis preferred Goga and Cuza over Codreanu
  • Iron Guard puts up Cross on Tomb of Unknown soldier

    Event that got them a lot of good press as people opposed them and made the Legion look good
  • Government forcefully dismanted Legion

    arrests thousands on the eve of the Dec. 20th election
  • Legionaries assassinate PM Ion Duca

    Historians debate about weather or not Carol II was involved in this plot or not
  • Luca Gheorghiade and Stelecsu plot to kill Codreanu

  • Liberal party gets in power

    Heavily crack down on Legion, and do corporatist reforms and other anti-liberal reforms led with Mihail Manoilescu, the president of the National Bank, was the leader of the newly founded (1933) National Corporatist League and the ideologist of this program.
  • Mota attends International Fascist Congress

  • Conference of Montreaux

  • Industrial workers start joining in mass

  • Goga and Cuza merge parties to form National Christian Party

  • Legion begins to take increasingly anti-Carol position

    Previously had been pro-Carol (Despite Jewish mistress)
  • Maniu and Legion establish contacts

    to create possible anti-Carol alliance
  • Codreanu announces the "Battle for Legionary Commerce

    Horia Sima described the ‘Battle for Legionary Commerce’
    as ‘a non-violent war, pursued by legal means’ against what he described as ‘the invasion of the Jews’ in the national economy.8
  • Sailors begin to join

  • Public Declaration Legion would kill prominent individuals who opposed them

  • Death Commandos Founded

  • Stelescu killed for leaving and undermining the Legion

    Official policy was that those who leave and attack the Legion were to be killed
  • Corpul Muncitoresc Legionar (the Legionary Workers Corps) founded

    However national interests were still supposed to trump class issues and the Legion made it clear they were not just a working class party
  • Banning of all public people from joining

    Stung, Codreanu issued a circular in March
    1937 that stated clearly that “people who have played an exceptional role in public life up until now can no longer join the legionary movement, even if they
    signify that they have understood this movement, even if they are ready to take
    the oath, and even if they seem to provide enough guarantees of their devotion.”7
  • 12,000 nests

  • Ion Mota + Vasile Marin dies

    Died fighting in the Spanish Civil War
  • Mota and Marin buried

    After several days of a funeral train touring the country
  • Carol II tries to court Codreanu

    Carol II wanted to integrate the Iron Guard into his machinery, Nae Ionescu tells Codreanu not to fall for the gay-op
  • Carol II bans various legionare tactics

    including private work camps
  • Codreanu and National Peasants Party non-agression pact

    Gave Codreanu a lot of legitmacy and respect and people no longer proxy-voted. Liberal and Agrarian party leaders also agreed to the pact. Pact was not-ideological but about ensuring fair elections and about focusing their attacks on the government and not each other
  • Liberal Party (King Carol II party) fails to win majority (40%)

    Anti-Carol coalition able to form
  • Codreanu's Party wins 15.5% of Vote

    Making it the third largest Party behind the National Liberal party and the National Peasants Party
  • 34,000 Nests

  • Carol visits Hitler

    Hitler stated his intention of basing his policy upon the Carolist dictatorship and reassured him about Hungarian revisionist claims, and went so far in accommodating Carol that when he complained to Hitler about the rather aggressive behavior of the German leader in Romania, Arthur Konradi,'*
  • King Carol II ends parliamentary system

  • Codreanu dissolves party

    In order to not get in trouble with the new Royal Dictatorship. Also had to dissolve businesses that were supporting the Legion
  • Government begins arresting local IG leaders

  • Codreanu and top leaders arrested

    Many others fled to Germany
  • King Carol II proclaims royal dictatorship and bans parties

    Patriarch Miron is PM. Goga-Cuza short lived government managed to strip away Jewish protections. Carol II tried to create a civil nationalism with all minorities
  • Codreanu and other IG members killed

    14 members of the Iron Guard including Codreanu were killed on behest of the Government
  • Carol II starts Front of National Rebirth party

  • Hungary annexes Ruthenia from Romania

  • King Carol II declares Neutrality

  • Iron Guard kills PM Călinescu

    Carol orders massive reprisals against the IG all across Romania, death and torture. More of the leaders of the IG are killed or arrested
  • Guardist invited back to Romania by Carol II

  • France falls to Germany

  • Romania Given Ultimatum from USSR over Bessarbia

  • Ion Gigurtu appointed PM to try to woo Germany

  • Nuremberg style laws implemented

  • Romania joins Axis

    Second Vienna Award and had to concede some territory to Hungary and Bulgaria
  • Germany makes Romania give more land to Hungary

    Wanted to ensure that the two countries wouldn't fight each other as to perserve the oil fields in Romania
  • Iron Guard Putsch

    Semi-sucessful in some areas, but not complete sucess. Forced King Carol II to put Antonescu in charge
  • Gigurtu resigns as PM

  • Antonescu becomes PM

    and Carol II gives him a lot of dictotorial powers over Romania. He was appointed because he had popular support, support from he Legion and from the Romanian elites
  • Antonescu forces Carol II to abdicate

    after learning he had tried to plot his murder
  • Period: to

    King Michael I Reign

  • Period: to

    Legionary Romania

  • Papa Codreanu tries to take over the movement

    Storms the green house in Bucharest
  • National Legionary State Proclaimed

    Horia is vice PM, and Guardists make up several cabinet positions.
  • Hitler convinces Antonescu he doesn't need Horia

  • Iron Guard replaced in the government