• First Major Demonstration

    16,000 people gather in streets of Sanaa protesting the dismissal of President Saleh
  • Period: to

    Protests in Sanaa and across country continue

  • President Saleh will not run for reelection (in 2013)

    Saleh announces that he is not planning on running again in 2013
  • Day of Rage (20,000+ anti-government protesters demand Saleh's resignation)

    20,000 protestors gather in streets of Sanaa demanding Saleh resign
  • Security forces open fire on detainees (Deaths and Injuries)

    Detainees gathered in the courtyard of the prison in Sanaa, showing their solidarity with people protesting against the government.
  • Tens of people die during crackdown on protestors

  • 40+ protestors killed in capital by armed men. Saleh announces state of emergency

  • Saleh fires his entire cabinet. His own tribe calls for his resignation

  • In protest of the use of force against protestors, Yemen ambassador to UN quits

  • several military commanders defect; troops and tanks deployed in Sanaa protecting anti-gov. protestors.

  • Yemen's ambassador to Syria resigns from his post supporting the anti-gov movement (demanding Saleh's resignation)

  • Saleh proposes early presidential election (before end of 2011) promising he and Ahmad (his son) will not run

  • Friday of Departure

    Hundreds of thousands gather in streets to protest. Saleh says to a rally of loyalists "I will hand my power only to safe hands to be selected by the people of Yemen".
  • Saleh and opponents agree that he will hand over power to a VP named by himself other than the current VP (Abdurabu Mansour Hadi)

  • Saleh has breached agreement and refused to hand over power as agreed. He sends groups of Republican Guards lead by Ahmad into several parts of Sanaa

  • Explosion at munitions factory outside Jaar town (kills 150, injurs about 100) cause unknown.

  • Friday of Deliverance, Friday of Solidarity

    Hundreds of thousands take to main city streets in 15+ governorates. Pro-gov supporters hold a rally in front of presidential palace preventing potential advancement of anti-gov protesters.
  • 1 Killed, dozens injured as police attempt a demonstration heading toward governorate administrative HQ in Taiz

  • 12+ protesters killed, 50+ injured, allegedly gov. paid snipers open fire on demonstrators

  • Saleh announced he is willing to step down in return for immunity from prosecution