Yearly Preparation

  • Freshman Year

    During this year, you will want to take some classes that will challenge you. We know that it is a year of new experiences and we want you to enjoy it. However, you will want to start to think about what you will want to go to college for and what fields you may be interested in.
  • Sophmore year

    Now that you have experienced high school, you will want to become more serious about your classes. Colleges really look at this year for testing and grades so this means that you must try your best. Still keep in mind and start to research fields of interest and careers. Possibly attend a career fair in your community.
  • Junior year

    By this time, you will want to start looking into colleges of interest. This is the year to take your SAT's or ACT's. Start studying in the beginning of the year in order to feel more comfortable when the time comes to take the test. It will help! Colleges will start to send you mail and emails and we know that they may be annoying, but they are good for getting in touch with admissions. Take some time to read them and visit these schools.
  • Senior Year

    This is it! This is the year that you will say goodbye to highschool and move into the real world. Exciting right? It may sound scary but this is a wonderful time. You will want to apply to the colleges of your interest and be in contact with financial aid officers. This will allow for a smooth transition as you leave for school.