World War 2 - Norway occupied by Germany

By knils
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    The occupation of Norway during World War 2

  • Operation Weserübung

    Operation Weserübung
    German ship have left their harbor back home, and are heading for Norway and Denmark.
  • Attacking Norway

    Attacking Norway
    German's first attack on Norway happens near the capitol, Oslo. The Kriegsmarine's newest ship at the outbreak of World War II, having been in commission for just over six months, she was sunk by Norwegian shore defences at the Battle of Drøbak Sound on April 9, 1940, the first day of the invasion of Norway (Operation Weserübung).
  • Escaping to London

    Escaping to London
    Trying to avoid being forced to acknowledge a new government by the Germans, the Royal Family and the Norwegian Government have to escape to London.
  • NS Party becomes the only legal party in Norway

    NS Party becomes the only legal party in Norway
    As a part of Norwegian law becoming undermined the German one, the nazi party of NS becomes the only legal party in Norway.
  • No more radio

    No more radio
    All radios where forbidden, as well as the liberty of speech through other medias like newspapers.
  • The Akershus Bill

    The Akershus Bill
    Quisling, a politician who is member of the Norwegian Nazi Party, becomes minister president of a NS Government. One of the events that gave the Germans control over Norway. However, this was not a democratic chosen descition.
  • The Jew Clause

    The Jew Clause
    On 13 March 1942 Quisling reintroduced the so-called Jewish clause, section of the Constitution, paragraph 2, which forbade Jews to enter the realm.
  • Norwegian Jews in Auschwitz

    Norwegian Jews in Auschwitz
    532 jews was sent to Auschwitz, the biggest group deported from Norway.
  • Operation Gunnerside

    Operation Gunnerside
    Operation Gunnerside, was a military ally sabotage during the Second World War to blow up the Norwegian Hydro's factory in Vemork at Rjukan in Telemark. The factory produced heavy water was important for German nuclear research and eventual production of nuclear weapons.
  • The Sabotage of D/F Hydro

    The Sabotage of D/F Hydro
    All the heavy water was not lost to the Germans. The heavy water was transported to the ferry dock: Mæl. Opposition People from the Home Front were looking for an opportunity to prevent the Germans had sent the rest of the heavy water to Germany, and they found out that the ferry was a weak point in security 20. February 1944 was D / F "Hydro" sabotaged by placing a time bomb in the ferry. 14 Norwegians and four Germans were killed.
  • "The White Buses"

    "The White Buses"
    Once the war came to an end, from middle of March 1945, and onwards, Norwegian jews where brought back home by Swedich Red Coss with white buses. In memory for this happening, schools and other interested can go on trips with a company called "The White Buses" wich takes you to all the camps, and gives you an in depth insight to what actually happened.
  • Day of Liberty

    Day of Liberty
    The day the German armed forces surrendered after five years of occupation. Germany surrendered unconditionally, and beyond the summer of 1945, the German troops were sent back to Germany.