World War 1

  •  The Start of World War

    The battle of Tennenberg begins.
  • Trench Warfare

    Th first Battle of Mame starts. Trench Warfare also begins where the soldiers on both sides dig their trenches where they will live for a while.
  • Battle of Ypres

    The battle of Ypres begins.
  • Christmas Warfare

    The Chritmas truce is declared and both sides rejoice in Christmas dinners and have games of soccer.
  • The Dardanelles Campagin

    The Dardanelles Campagin begins.
    This battle was used to rid the Turks out of the war
    This was also a part the Gallipoli battle
  • The Seond Battle of Ypres

    The second battle of Ypres begins.
    It os here that the Germans first use poison gas.
    I this battle the Canadians earned recognition of their arimes being tough and useful but had paid the price with over 600 deaths.
  • Battle of Gallipoli.

    The battle of Gallipoli begins.
    The Allied Forces needed to help Russia with supplies so this battle took place
    This battle was a waste of lives and supplies
  • The Battle of Verdun

    The battle of Verdun begins.
    this battle was one the longest and bloodiest battles of WW1
  • The Navies Clash

    Otherwise known as the Battle of Jutland
    One the Major Navy battles
    Showcased the mighty power of Navy ships and how they've developed
  • Tank Warfare

    Otherwise known as The Battle of Somme
    This was the first battle where the tanks were introduced to warfare
  • Germans Cry for Help

    Germany sends a secret message from the Zimmerman Telegram to ask Mexico for aid
    The British were smart and deciphered this message
    Germany had a lot watiting for them at the victory of the battle so failure was not an option
  • The Third Battle of Ypres

    The third battle of Ypres
    More commonly known as The Battle of Passchendaele
  • Russian Revolyutsiya

    The Bolsheviks planned to take over Russia
    Later on they acheived in ovetthrowing the Russian government in the Russian Revolution
  • New Russia is Born

    With no rule, the Armistice come to conclusion to a new Russian government
    This is where the Central Powers plays its part
  • A Peace Treaty is Made

    Russia signs The Treaty of Brest Litovsk
    The Treaty was made to keep the peace between Russia and the Central Powers
  • German Offensive Maneuver

    Germany starts their Spring Offensive
    The Germans used a new type of gas weaponary: Chlorine gas
  • War Ends on Todays Remembrence Day

    The war stops on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, bascially on November 11th at 11:00AM
    Germany signs the Armistice in Compiegne, France
    Today we acknowledge the soliders who have lost in the war, the day is titled Remberence Day
  • War Official Ends

    The Treaty of Versailles officially ends the great World War
    If this treaty did not exist, then more blooshed and unnecessary killings would have taken place