World countries map

World History 1900-present Timeline

  • Christianity in Africa

    preacher adapts Christianity to Frican values and customs.(theme 2)
  • Period: to


  • Australian elections

    colinies formed Federal government elections under state legislation (theme 5)
  • Australia, commonwealth

    Australia becomes a commonwealth (theme 5)
  • Trans atlantic radio signal

    Trans atlantic radio signal
    First Trans Atlantic radio signal invented (theme 2)
  • Caribbean islands gain independence

    Most countries in the Caribbean gained independence (theme 5)
  • Plague in India

    Plague in India (theme 1)
  • Panama Canal built

    Panama Canal is built (theme 4)
  • revoltions in asia

    revolutions made the government make a series of major reforms like freedom, speech, and assembly (theme 1)
  • earthquake in Italy

    earthquake in Italy
    earthquake in Italy kills 150,000 people (theme 1)
  • Union of Africa created

    a union between the united cape colony, Natal, the Transvaal and the orange Free- state, known as the Union of Africa is created. (theme 4)
  • Russis enters world war I

    Russia enters world war II when Austro- Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia's ally (theme 3)
  • Result of WWI

    Main countries were England, france, Geromany, Austria- Hungary. ending result was Germany was blamed. (theme 2)
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Treaty of Versailles ended WWI and made Germany pay for damages (theme 2)
  • women's suffrage

    Women granted suffrage in the U.S. (theme 2)
  • Ireland becomes free state

    Ireland becomes free state
    ireland becomes a free state (theme 4)
  • Australia passes immigration laws

    Australia passes immigration laws stopping Europeans from fleeing WWI to there. (theme 1)
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market crashes causing the Great Depression (theme 5)
  • Depression in the Caribbean

    Depression hits the Caribbean and surrounding regions (theme 5)
  • Hitler becomes chancellor

    Hitler becomes chancellor
    Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany (theme 5)
  • war against Nazi Germany

    War mainly against Nazi germany. 1939-1945, death of Hitler. Cause:holocaust and Hitler's invasion (theme 3)
  • Poland is invaded

    Poland is invaded by Germany (theme 1)
  • Austalia declared war

    Australia declared war on Germany (theme 3)
  • Nazis invade Soviet Union

    Nazis invade Soviet Union afte rbreaking the non-agression pact (theme 3)
  • Cold War

    War War arose after the USSR entered into the Warsaw Pact and struggle for dominance. 1945-1991 (theme 3)
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombed

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombed
    The islands of Hiroshima and Nagasake are bombed (theme 1)
  • Communism in China

    Communism in China (theme 4)
  • Korean War begins

    Korean War begins (theme 3)
  • Cuban Revolution

    Cuban revolution gave women rights, shaped communist government, etc. First revoltion was on this day. (theme 5)
  • Pan- African Congres formed

    Pan- African Congres formed in South Africa (theme 4)
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    Vietnam War (1959-1975) (theme 3)
  • South Africa becomes republic

    South Africa leaves the commonwealth of Great Britain and becomes a republic (theme 5)
  • Cuban missile crisis

    Cuban missile crisis
    Cuban missile crisis between U.S., Russia, and Cuba. closest world ever came to a nuclear war (theme 2)
  • House of Reps in Australia vote

    Members of the House of Representatives granted full voting rights in Australia (theme 5)
  • voting age lowered to 18

    The qualifying age for voting and canditature for all federal elections in Australia loweded from 21 to 18 (theme 2)
  • Hurricane hits Australia

    Hurricane hits Australia
    A hurricane hits the Australian city, Darwin (theme 1)
  • Papua New Guinea gains independence

    Papua New Guinea wins independence from Australia (theme 4)
  • Aids virus identified

    Aids virus identified
    Aids virus was a huge problem around the world especially in Africa (theme 1)
  • Cold War

    Cold War
    Cold War between the U.S. and Russia begins (theme 3)
  • "The Iran Curtain" drawn

    "The Iron Curtain" was drawn between communist and noncommunist parties (theme 4)
  • Free Trade Agreement

    Free Trade Agreement
    North American Free trade agreement removed tariffs and trade barriers (theme 2)
  • democracy in S. Africa

    Democracy was established in South Africa (theme 4)
  • violence in Rwanda and Congo

    Violence in Rwanda and the Congo kill 3 million people by 2003. They die of malnutrician and other similar causes. (theme 1)
  • Terrorist attacks

    Terrorist attacks hit twin towers, the pentagon, and a field in pennsylvania (theme 1)
  • Australia experiences "Big Dry"

    Australia experiences "Big Dry", an awful drought due to global warming (theme 1)
  • U.S. enters Iraq war

    U.S. enters Iraq war
    The U.S. enters into the Iraq war to stop terrorism (theme 3)
  • Central African trade

    Centra; African trade with Canada, Belgium, Indonesia, Spain, France, Italy, and the Congo (theme 2)