world history 10

  • Period: 114 BCE to 1450

    The silk road

    The silk road was an important spice trail rout between Europe and Asia.
  • 1453

    The Byzantine Empire fail

    The Byzantine Empire the last and very long figment in Rome has failed.
  • Apr 2, 1453

    Constantinople camp

    Constantinople's army made camp in front of the wall to start the 3-month siege.
  • 1492


    Copernies started his career of being a scientist in 1492 he went to a university of Krakow, same year that Christopher Columbus set to seas
  • Aug 12, 1492

    Colombus discovers The Americas

    Colombus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to the Bahamas while trying to reach Asia. He started the Portuguese expeditions to the Americas.
  • 1500

    Western Europe

    80% of the population as pesents, there were lots of debates
  • 1500

    Eastern Europe

    Russian and Europe get into war.
  • 1500

    East Africa

    Used the money wisely and has good military and trade routes
  • 1534

    france colinises canada

    To get into colonization to get more power and area. because the more land they have has more power
  • The Rurik Dinasty

    The Rurick dynasty ruled the country for 700 years extigtes. Because of that there were a lot of people fighting to become tsar.
  • Central Asia

    Romanov was the reigning imperial house of Russia. achieved prominence after the Tsarina,
  • Period: to


    During the Enlightenment, people became more smart and philosophical throughout Europe.
  • Britain colonizes American

    Britain settlers first landed in Virginia. they made 12 more colonies around different states around east coast .
  • Period: to

    Polish prince

    After they had their victory the polish prince becomes the new tsar. but that doesn't last long. he breaks out and driven out from being tsar
  • Galileis book got band

    Galilei's wasn't scared of the churches and religions and governments that he published a book and it got band this year 1632
  • Haiti made France wilty

    Haiti made France welthy by providing them products like coffee, suger and cotton.
  • Period: to

    great northern war

    war with the Russians and the Swedish and Denmark and Saxony. they were fighting for colonization.
  • Period: to

    Industrial revolution

    During the industrial revolution, the use of machines grew a lot. This started the change from goods being made by hand to machines making things.
  • Period: to


    Napoleon helped France to win many battles throughout his life and became a respected and feared military general.
  • Period: to

    French revolution

    The French revolution was when the Third Estate rose up against the upper classes and created a new and more fair government.
  • Period: to

    Haitian Revolution

    One of the largest successful slave rebellions that ended the french revolution!
  • Toussaint l'overture

    Toussaint l'overture was the leader of the rebellion in the year 1792 they ruled 1/3 of Haiti
  • Jean- Jacques- Dessaline

    after Lovetera got captured, Jean- Jacques- Dessaline former slave took over the slave army and defeated france.
  • Haiti win

    This meant that Haiti was the first black republic in the world. 2nd nation to win independents from European power.
  • Battle of Austerlitz

    Also known as the Battle of Three Emporers, Napoleon won against the larger Russo-American forces by ambushing them with cavalry and artillery.
  • French rule Algeria

    French rule in the region began in 1830
  • Period: to

    colonization of Algeria

    Algeria has a very big part in french history. when France conquered Algeria the process of colonizing was very fast. Algeria was called France. During the napoleon war, the Algerians provided food for napoleons army
  • Alexander the 3 born

    Born on St specter burg
  • Period: to

    Vitamins with the asian with Europe front

    The truth in Vietnam is that the well-educated nationalist, reformist Phan Chu Trinh.
  • Alexander 3

    He became tsar
  • Alexander 2 death

    Alexander 2 gets asasinated
  • Period: to

    king Leopoldos ghost

    Leopoldo sends his troops to go look at congo to see if they can get any materials for trade. they end up finding out about rubber to make tiers and other stuff. they make them do labor and slavery to gather all the stuff to ship to Leopold. One day they ship it to a shipping company and they found out what they have been doing to the people in congo. Congo gets taken away from Leopold and given to a different person.
  • Alexander 3 death

    He died in Livadia.
  • Leopolds Death

    Fell into a pond
  • Period: to

    Asia on Europe out front

    1,723,000 Asians who came to the battlefields started an out war of Europe and the Middle East.
  • Khana Ratsadon partty created in Paris

    Khana Ratsadon party created in Paris. Paris succeeded in overthrowing the absolute power of the kingdom