Winston Churchill's timeline

  • Born

    Born at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.
  • Period: to

    Churchill's lifespan

  • Joins army. Father dies.

  • Goes to Cuba

    Observes cilvil war.
  • Involved in fighting and reporting on Northwest Frontier in India

    Also publishes first book called "The Malakand Field Force"
  • Takes part of cavalry charge in Sudan during Battle of Omdurman

  • Is captured during Boer War. Escapes

    Worked as journalist before capture. Writes book called "The River War"
  • Fights in Boer War. Enters Parliament as Conservative Party.

    Publishes war notes in book called "London to Ladysmith". Joins Conversative Party for the town of Oldham in Lancashire.
  • Leaves Conversative Party to join Liberal Party

  • Becomes Under Secretary of States for Colonies

  • Becomes President of Board of Trade

    Gets married to Clementine Hozier
  • Becomes Home Secretary

  • Becomes First Lord of Admiralty

  • World War 1 begins

  • Becomes Minister of Munition

  • World War 1 ends

  • Becomes Secretary for Colonies

    Negotiates treaty Irish Free State. Mother and daughter Marigold die
  • Leaves Liberal Party and joins again Conversative Party

  • Puts Britain back on Gold Standard

  • Organizes "The British Gazette"

    Organizes the gazette during General strike . Works for fair settlement of coal miner's strike
  • Is out of office bbut still an MP

  • Warns against danger from Nazi Germany

  • World War 2 begins. Becomes First Lord of Admiralty

  • Becomes Prime Minister. Evacuation at Dunkirk. Battle of Britain,

  • World War 2 ends. Mets Roosevelt adn Stalin at Yalta

  • Becomes Prime Minister

  • Is awarded with the Nobel Literature Prize

  • Dies