Where have I been and what will I become?

  • Born

    I was born in the Sunshine hospital St Albans at 10
  • Moved to Dunolly

    I moved from Melbourne to Dunolly for my dads job
  • Started Kinder

    I went to Kindergarten for a year at California Gully (cal gully)
  • Broke my right arm

    I was rollerblading at home and fell over
  • First day of primary school

    I went to St. Augustines primary school, on my first day i got in the paper. For prep I had every wednesday off.
  • Started basketball

    I quit Little athletics and started skills basketball because my best friend back then was doing it.
  • Moved to Maryborough

    We built a house and moved to Maryborough for dad's job
  • Basketball squad

    I played the under 12's squad, my team won the Maryborough tournament and i got MVP.
  • Broke my left wrist

    I was playing football at school and someone kicked my hand.
  • Ballarat soccor

    I started playing in the Ballarat soccer team for a tournament and a week before it i broke my wrist
  • EBT pushcarts

    I was in the pushcarts for the RACV Energy Breakthrough (EBT) my team was called KIldare.
  • Broke my right wrist

    I broke my wrist a few days before lightning premiership, around the same time as the year before. I was flipping off a bar and hit my arm on a metal pole. I had to get my are manipulated when i went to hospital.

    I was in the Kildare 1 team for HPV (human powered vehicles) we did a Biggest loser skit and i was Michelle Bridges.
  • Graduation

    I graduated from St. Augustines and got a pen.
  • Homer (dog) died

    Homer was a golden retriever dog and after having him for 15 years we had to get him put down because he had arthritis and was a bit blind
  • Got braces

    I got braces in year seven at the Ballarat orthodontic centre
  • First time overseas (Bali)

    I went to Bali as my first overseas trip, it was my christmas present. We did heaps of shopping, left with 3 bags and came back with 11
  • Got stuck in a car wash

    On my 14th birthday, we went out for tea then went to wash the car at the coles carwash in Sturt st. The dryer went into our windscreen and cracked it and pushed the roof down.
  • Basketball squad

    I was part of the under 16's Maryborough Blazers squad for 2011-12.
  • Pop died

    A day after his birthday, on Friday the 13th, my pop John Maxzwell Walter (Max) passed of Cancer.
  • Climbed the Sydney harbour bridge

    I was really scared about doing this but it helped me with my fear of heights. I was holding on so tight at the start but halfway up i wasn't scared anymore.
  • First netball game for Clunes

    Tarryn Chaffey forced me to play for Clunes, we lost this game by three.
  • Got Sports captain

    I was one of the two sports captains for green house in 2009, We normally come last but this time we came 2nd