What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

  • Preliminary Task

    When filming the preliminary task we used equipment such as a camera and tripod, I am familiar with this as I do photography and use these regularly.
  • Preliminary Task Editing

    When editing the preliminary task however I came across the programme we used to edit. This for me was difficult and time consuming, at this time I tried hard to work out how the programme worked in order to make it easier for me in the main task.
  • Main Task

    We started filming the main task around March time and used the same equipment we did previously in our preliminary. However we had some problems filming this time as we had to do some moving shots and they turned out quite shakey. Another problem would be close up shots which turned out slightly blurred. This however worked quite well in making the overall product more mysterious.
  • Main Task Editing

    When it came to editing the main task we came across many problems. The first being the programme used for the preliminary editing would not work therefore we had to end up working in iMovie on the mac. After figuiring out how to use an entirely different programme we finally finnished with very few problems.
  • Main Task Editing - Music

    As well as the editing we decided to use music found of the internet and change it in the programme garage band. As I do music tech I am familiar with this programme and didnt have to learn too much in order to make this work. We altered the music used as a base and then also added different samples and loops in order to make it alittle more original.
  • Overall

    Overall I think that you have to be 100% prepared for things going wrong when it comes to a project like this. We have had lots of faults and things go wrong and very little time to fix them. Technology isnt always reliable and I have learned that we should have organised more efficiently in order to prevent anything going wrong again.