What a Mess - Plan

By Mele
  • Project started -

    We were to brainstorm how to advertise Earth Day in BISS and also decide on who to interview and what to ask them
  • Period: to

    What a Mess - Earth Day Project

    • Team 1 brainstormed how to advertise the Earth Day even in BISS
    • Find a blogging tool that is not blogged in China which was Weebly
  • Find Blogging Tools

    Our team was ot find a website whichw as not block in China to create a blog about Earthday.
  • Pick Final Idea for Earth Day

    Our team's plan was to adverstise our ideas into a digital story telling. In China many website are blocked, sowe decided to use Weebly as our blogging tool and youku promote our video to the world.
  • Address the Tasks to Project Managers

    Our team leader approched the project managers about our work progress and the tasks that our team will be doing for the next few weeks.
  • Deciding on which tools to be used for video advertising

    The team decided to use Web 2.0 blogging tools.
  • Discuss work Tasks

    Our teams discussed the work to be done, and the team leader gave us work to do
  • Inserting the blog with Earth Day information

    The team posted information about Earth day onto the blog so that everyone who reads it can get a fair idea of what BISS is doing fo Earth Day.
  • Updating the blog

    We updated our blog. We posted information about the other teams, their tasks they were assigned to and their duty towards Earth Day.
  • Investigation Report

    The following points was what our team used to guide on what to write on the Investigation report:
    * Explanation of what our team is doing for What a Mess
    * Explanation of what my role is in the group
    * Share personal and team research into Earth Day
    * Share progress so far by the team
  • Adding information into the blog

    Our team posted information about the project timeline for Earth day
  • Design Report

    Each member of my team was to design their contribution to thi project.
    This is what was to guide us on our teams design report:
    Collection, sharing and online publication of information. What? How? Who?
  • Work on Plan Report

    I had to create a timeline of what I have been doing the past few past days.
  • Blog Postings

    Writing a blog post about what happened on Earth Day at Flea market, any problems encountered, and if it was successful.
  • Period: to

    Blog Postings

    Now that the Earth Day-Flea market is over. I had to write something about the Flea market what happened, where it took place, and if it was successfully
  • Work On Process Journal - What a Mess

    Work on Procees Journal
    Any edition to Investigations, Design, Plan reports and continue on working on my Create and Evaluation Report.
    Information on Create
    -talk about how you create your products
    -discuss challenges with hardware/software
    -refer to your timeline and discuss any adjustments you made
    Information on Evaluation
    * How successful was your product? How did you test it? What feedback did you receive from others?
    • refer to your design specs and discuss any changes you have made
  • Due date: Creation report

  • May 9 - Hand in Personal Report

    Hand in Personal Report to Teacher