westlys timeline

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    westlys timeline

  • - Convening the Estates General

    Louis XIV called the Estates General for the first time in 175 years, he proposed to tax the nobility and The third estate formed the national assembly.
  • - Tennis Court Oath

    The national assembly met in a tennis court because they were locked out and they did not leave until a new constitution was created.
  • - Storming of the Bastille

    People stormed Bastille for gun powder. They killed the guards and paraded through the streets with the guards heads on pikes.
  • great fear

    Peasants were scared that the nobles were paying men to terrorize the them. The peasants then attacked the nobles.
  • - Declaration of the Rights of Man

    The National Assembly passed the Declaration of the Rights of Man. This stated that men are born and remained free and equal in all rights.
  • - Women’s march to Versailles

    Women rioted over the price of bread so they marched to Versailles and demanded that Louis and Marie returned to Paris.
  • - Louis and Marie’s flight to Varennes

    Louis and Marie tried to escape France but were caught by the people and turned over by the authorities.
  • - Constitution of 1791

    The King approved a new constitution AND France became a Constitutional Monarchy, where the king didnt have a lot of power power.
  • - Brunswick Manifesto

    he Brunswick manifesto threatened that is the French royal family were harmed, then French civilians would be harmed.
  • - National Convention

    They abolished the monarchy and France became a republic. Fearing for their lives they executed Robespierre. They came up with a new plan for government called the directory.
  • - The Terror or Reign of Terror

    this was when Robespierre ruled as dictator for a couple years. About 40,000 people were killed during the Reign of Terror.
  • - Directory

    The National Convention created this, where a 2 house legislature and an executive body of five men who ran the country.
  • - Napoleon Bonaparte takes over

    Napoleon dissolves the Directory and established a government of 3 consuls. He immediately made himself 1st consul and assumed dictator powers.
  • - Concordat of 1801

    Napoleon signed the concordat with Pope Pius VII where they agreed to handle their own issues and not get involved with the each other.
  • - Louisiana Purchase

    Napoleon sold Louisiana to Thomas Jefferson for 15 million dollars. so now he has money to fight in Europe.
  • - Napoleonic Code

    Napoleon drew up a new system of laws called Napoleonic Code, which favored order over individual freedoms.
  • - Napoleon becomes Emperor

    A vote of the people favored the idea of Napoleon becoming emperor. He placed the crown on his own head instead of the pope, showing that he was more powerful than the Church.
  • - Battle of Trafalgar

    Napoleon lost the Battle of Trafalgar, this ensured the British naval dominance for the next 100 years or so.
  • - Continental System

    Napoleon set up a blockade to prevent trading; he called it his Continental system.
  • peninsular war

    this was a major war.
  • - Invasion of Russia

    one of Napoleon’s bigger mistakes was the invasion of Russia.
  • - Exile to Elba

    Napoleon received some money and was exiled to Elba. Then Louis XVIII took the throne but he wasn’t popular so the people brought back Napoleon as emperor again.
  • - Battle of Waterloo

    British and Prussian defeated the French and it ended Napoleon’s 100 days.
  • - Exile to St. Helena

    naploleon was sent by Britain and Prussia to St. Helena, where he died 6 years later.