Western Civ Semester 1

By heiday
  • 200


    -Latin and Roman numerals influence English.
    -Julius Caesar becomes ruler. Becomes assassinated.
    -Jesus Christ born and crucified.
    -Falls in 476 AD
  • 476

    Middle Ages

    Middle Ages
    -Feudalism: Serfs were like slaves (worked hard, weren't allowed to leave). Knights were treated better than them. Lords were given manors where the knights and serfs lived. Kings were at the top-- gave land to lords.
    -Church was very important. They believed in "faith alone" where God was responsible for everything and the use of science was "questioning God". Art was not advanced (disproportional, not realistic-looking) but was very religious
    -Was called the Dark Ages because Rome used to be v
  • Nov 21, 1300


    -Knowledge was praised
    -Science, not just religion
    -Art more advanced
    -Art: perspective, 3-D, light source
    -Great thinkers lived in this time
    -Rebirth from Greece and Rome
  • Nov 21, 1492

    European Exploration- Columbus

    European Exploration- Columbus
    -Exploration because of Gold, Glory, God
    -Columbus and his men (from Spain) sailed to the Americas; thought they discovered it
    -Native Americans had inhabited the land for years
    -Spainerds used Native Americans as slaves; found them gold
    -Hurt/killed Native Americans
    -Used Africans for slaves
    -Europeans got lots of silver and gold
    -triangular trade between Africa, Europe, and America
  • Nov 21, 1521


    -Martin Luther created Protestantism
    -Catholic Church corrupt
    -Catholic Church selling indulgences for "forgiveness of sins"
    -Martin Luther wrote 95 theses
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    -Phillip II sends 130 ships to England, hoping to convert them into Catholics
    -Thought when he arrived in England, that people would want to join him and become Catholic
    -England's 34 ships defeats them
    -England uses new methods of fighting--guns
    -Spain tries to jump onto England's ships to fight
  • Scientific Revolution

    Scientific Revolution
    -Questions on why & how things worked/happen are answered
    -Scientific answers instead of just religious answers
    -Galileo discovers two objects of different weights fall at the same time
    -Copernicus says that the universe centers around the sun, not the earth
  • King Louis XIV (absolutism)

    King Louis XIV (absolutism)
    -King Louis XIV is an absolute ruler: has control over everything
    -absolutism: complete control over country
    -divine right of kings: ruler gets power from God
  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    -glorious revolution: changes in England's government
    -limited government, Bill of Rights, Protestantism
    -Bill of Rights included Parliament can make laws/tax people, right to bear arms, armies must be okay'ed by Parliament
    -Monarch's power is limited by government
    -England is a Protestant country
  • Enlightenment

    -Time when thinkers were influenced by Scientific Revolution and shared their ideas
    -Voltaire: advocated for free speech & tolerance of religion
    -Montesquieu: three branches for government
    -Beccaria: criminal rights-- no death penalty
    -Hobbes: humans naturally cruel and selfish
    -Mary Wollstonecraft: key to gaining equality for women is through education
    -Locke: protect people's natural rights
  • Greece

    -Greek language influenced the English language.
    -Greece had the first democracy.
    -Greeks had architecture with columns that we still use today.
    -World's first Olympics were in Greece.