• Period: 10,000 BCE to 8000 BCE

    Gobelki Tepe

    Had massive stone temples/pillers/structures
  • Period: 8200 BCE to 7500 BCE

    Jericho Skull Cult

  • 6000 BCE

    Earliest permanent settlements

    first known settlements that where permanent
  • 5000 BCE

    Begining of farming

  • Period: 5000 BCE to 3500 BCE

    City of ur

    Sumerian city in ancient Mesopotamia
  • Period: 5000 BCE to 4100 BCE

    Ubaid people

    The first powerhouse of sumer
  • 4500 BCE

    Sailing of ships

    First-time ships were sailed and used as transportation
  • Period: 4100 BCE to 2900 BCE

    Uruk Period

    Important because it made the fertile crescent important
  • 3500 BCE


    Ancient writing from ancient egypt
  • Period: 3200 BCE to 1200 BCE

    Bronze Age

    Bronze became important during this time
  • 3000 BCE

    Narmer PAlette

    important because there were the first hieroglyphics found on it
  • 2985 BCE

    Sandle lable

    Shows that king den killing a enemy
  • Period: 2900 BCE to 2340 BCE

    Old sumerian age

    very important civilization to western civilization. It also created many langueges
  • Period: 2700 BCE to 1450 BCE


    Had very extravegent cities and and structures
  • Period: 2700 BCE to 2500 BCE

    Gilgamesh lived somewhere between

    Gilgamesh was a human god that went on a bunch of epic quests
  • Period: 2670 BCE to 2150 BCE

    old kingdom

    good economy and a good government
  • 2650 BCE

    Step pyramid of saqqara

    First pyramid
  • 2600 BCE

    Standard of ur

    Sumerian artifact
  • 2600 BCE

    Semetic Akkadian

    Smectic language
  • Period: 2334 BCE to 2284 BCE

    Conquest of sumerian city-states

    end of Sumerian:(
  • Period: 2055 BCE to 1650 BCE

    middle kingdom

    had interesting art
  • Period: 1894 BCE to 1595 BCE

    first dynasty of babylon

    ruled Mesopotamia for a long time
  • 1800 BCE

    gilgamesh was written

    a story about Gilgamesh and his life
  • Period: 1792 BCE to 1749 BCE

    code of hammurabi

    282 rules
  • Period: 1600 BCE to 1178 BCE

    hittite empire

    there were known for their use of iron
  • Period: 1600 BCE to 1100 BCE


    more prosperous/outreaching than the Minoans
  • Period: 1500 BCE to 1069 BCE

    New kingdom

    Egypt's peak in power
  • Period: 1400 BCE to 1000 BCE

    pre-monachic age

    before monarches
  • Period: 1334 BCE to 1325 BCE

    king Tut

    he ruled for 9 years and he fixed what his dad messed up and he died when he was 19
  • Period: 1300 BCE to 1000 BCE

    Gilgamesh written again

    Not much to say here. Except that it was written again
  • Period: 1279 BCE to 1213 BCE

    Ramses the second

    Very popular and built a bunch of statues all over different kingdoms
  • 1250 BCE

    Sack of troy

    They were defeated by the greeks and ended the mighty rule of rome
  • Period: 1200 BCE to 1000 BCE

    Collapse of bronze age

    lead into the dark age of Greece
  • 1180 BCE

    Records at pylos

    Records at a very important Mycenean settlement
  • Period: 1100 BCE to 800 BCE

    Geometric period

    Art had many geometric shapes
  • 1000 BCE

    unified jewish states

    Jewish states are unified
  • Period: 911 BCE to 609 BCE

    War with neo-assyrian empire

    the neo-Assyrians were the biggest empire at that time
  • Period: 900 BCE to 480 BCE

    Archaic period

    Art was thriving and becoming popular in ancient greece
  • 753 BCE

    City of Rome Founded

    What can I say it's Rome. Very important civilization in ancient history.
  • 730 BCE

    Nestor's Cup

    Influenced the greek alphabet
  • Period: 586 BCE to 538 BCE

    First temple destroyed

    Because of this: Babylonian exiled
  • Period: 550 BCE to 330 BCE

    First persian empire

    It was founded by Cyrus the Great. Xerxes the first conquered most of ancient greece
  • Period: 516 BCE to 70

    Second temple

    The second temple was a temple in Jerusalem and was destroyed by the Romans
  • 509 BCE

    Roman Republic

    This created senators
  • Period: 330 BCE to 30 BCE

    Ptomely and hellenistic Age

    During that time From about 305BC to 30 BC was the rule of the Ptolemaic empire under the rule of many rulers
  • 301 BCE

    Council of the victores

    This was during the Hellenistic and Ptolemy age
  • Period: 300 BCE to 100

    Bible Scrolls found

    Dead Sea scrolls found
  • Period: 264 BCE to 146 BCE

    Punic wars

    The punic wars were fought by the Roman Republic and the Ancient Carthage
  • 218 BCE

    Hannibal Crosses the Alps

    This happened during the second Punic war. Hannibal also used elephants to cross the Alps.
  • 149 BCE

    Third Punic war

    This was the last punic war between the Romans and the Carthage
  • Period: 140 BCE to 37 BCE

    HAsmonean Dynasty

    It was founded by Simon Thassi.
  • 44 BCE

    Beware the ides of March, Julius Caesar

    Created by the Romans, and celebrated on March 15. Also was the day Caesar got assassanated.
  • 31 BCE

    Battle of the actium

    This war was between Octavian and MArk Antony, and Octavian won
  • Period: 27 BCE to 14

    Caesar Augustus Ruled

    This was also the beginning of the roman empire
  • 64

    Rome Burns

    Nero was blamed so he could rebulid rome
  • Period: 66 to 73

    First Jewish Revolt

    The first Jewish revolt was the first of 3 Jewish revolts against the Romans
  • 121

    Hadrians Wall

    Hadrians wall was used as a defense for the Romans
  • Period: 132 to 135

    Second Jewish revolt

    The second jewish revolt was also known as the Bar Kokhba, and was between the Romans and the jews
  • 212

    Caracalla grants citizenship to all in his empire

    Caracalla ruled Rome for 19 years. Caracalla also appears on coins
  • 305

    Diocletion divide

    Diocletian divided Rome into two parts.
  • 313

    Edict of milan

    Said that Christianity was accepted in the roman empire
  • 324

    Constaintine Moves capital to byzantium

    He than renamed Byzantium Constantinople
  • 395

    Western and eastern split

    Rome was split after their ruler Theodosius the first dies
  • 414

    Sack of rome

    Rome was sacked by the Visigoths who were germanic
  • 476

    Fall of the city of rome

    LAst Rome ruler was conquered and the roman empire was gone
  • 533

    Corpus luris Civis

    Codification of laws by Justinian
  • 622

    Muhammad out of mecca

    He was thrown out by the qurash
  • Period: 622 to 632

    Islamic world under Muhammad

    He ruled parts of Yemen and Saudi arabia
  • 630

    Islamic community takes back mecca

    Because of this there were no more wars between Muhammad and Quraysh
  • 632

    Muhammad dies:(

    Muhammad was a very important part of ancient Islam and was also a prophet
  • Period: 632 to 661

    Territory added by first four caliphs

    This included parts of egypt, iraq, syria, Iran, and afghanistan
  • Period: 661 to 750

    Territory added by umayyad caliphs

    Includes parts of Afghanistan, and parts of africa
  • Period: 750 to 1517

    Abbaid caliph

    Had a big effect on the culture of islam
  • Period: 750 to 950

    Translation Movement

    Converting writing from Greek to Arabic
  • 754


    Al-Mansur founded Baghdad
  • 850

    Book of ingenious Devises

    Thi sboom was written by the musah brothers
  • 850

    House of wisdom

    By this date the house of wisdom has become the biggest library in the world
  • 1200

    30 madrassas

    Madrassas are Islamic colleges
  • 1206

    Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices

    This book was wrote by Al-Jazar
  • Period: 1312 to 1337

    Mansa MUsa Ruled

    He was a very famous islamic ruler
  • 1500

    150 madrassas

    Madrassas are islamic colleges