Western Civ

  • 200


    Rome was the Republic
  • 476

    Middle ages

    Middle ages
    Life sucks now. We got taken over by the barbarians who dont have a great system of anything. There isnt a universal language every one speaks something different, people have to work a million times harder and you can only believe in the roman catholic god. If you believe in anything else your going against god and you can be killed. The new form of rule is Feudalism. The king gives land to the lord who promises to protect the king, and the Lord gives Land to the Knight who promises to protect
  • Nov 21, 1300


    Its the Re-Birth of Greece and Rome!
  • Nov 21, 1492

    European Exploration - Columbus

    European Exploration - Columbus
    Columbus 'discovers' the americas
  • Nov 22, 1521


    MARTIN LUTHER breaks up the church into the catholics and the protestants
  • Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    The Spanish sends a bunch of ships over to england to make them be catholics... Spanairds get their butts kicked
  • Scientific Revolution

    Scientific Revolution
    People discover the joy of learning and discvinring awesome.
  • Glorious Rev.

    Glorious Rev.
    Overthrew king James
  • Enlightenment

    People use reason from the scientific revolution and appy it to humans
  • Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece
    ~Greek language influenced the English language
    ~Greece had the first Democracy
    ~Greek Archetecture Used in columns today
    ~The Greeks invented the Olympics