• Taft Commission

    A corporation/group created by president Taft before the start of the roaring twenties.
  • Teachers go to the Philippines

    American teachers went to the Philippines to teach underpriveledged students the "American Way". This made the American teachers money, and gained wealth for the teaching corporations .
  • Carnegie Corporation

    A Corporation of the wealthiest men in America at the time. Supplied dontations to politicions and helped the congress and state senate.
  • Scorpes Trial

  • The Great Depression, Men Searching for Work

    The unemployment rate was at 40%, most people were poor, and could barely provide for their families.
  • McCutcheon v. FEC Trial

    The struggle between congress and the people on the topic of campaign donations and money within politics, and whether or not the citezens should be able to donate to support their opinion.