We Didn't Start The Fire

  • Joseph Stalin

    He was the dictator of the Soviet Union.
    His name meant "Man of Steel".
  • Malenkov

    Close to Stalin, became a leader of the USSR for a brief period of time (March 1953-February 1955).
  • Prokofiev

    Russian composer, pianist, and conductor, works included Romeo and Juliet, and, Peter and the Wolf
  • Period: to

    Malenkov leader of the USSR

  • Rockefeller

    Nelson and Winthrop Rockefeller, Nelson was appointed as chair of the Presidents Advisory Committee on Government Organization, also served as Governor of New York from 1959-1973
  • Campanella

    All-Star Catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. He was in a Paralyzing car accident.
  • Communist Bloc

    USSR and their satellite countries
  • Roy Cohn

    Advisor to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the McCarthy Hearings on Communists in the movie history and government.
  • Juan Peron

    Leader in Argentina, strongly anti-American and anti-British, he was overthrown by a military coup.
  • Toscanini

    World Famous Conductor, suffered a memory lapse during a live show.
  • Dacron

    people referred to this as a wonder material
  • Dien Bien Phu Falls

    French lose control over Vietnam
  • Rock Around The Clock

    Theme music for Blackboard Jungle, A hit by Bill Haley and the Comets
  • Einstein

    Developed the Theory of Relativity, smartest scientist
  • James Dean

    Movie star, was in Rebel Without A Cause
  • Brooklyn's Got A Winning Team

    The Dogers won over the New York Yankees
  • Davy Crocket

    played by actor Fess Parker, it was a popular TV Series
  • Peter Pan

    a broadway play starring Mary Martin, who played as peter pan
  • Disneyland

    disneyland opened by Walt Disney, alcohol was sold secretely
  • Elvis Presley

    Famous around the nation, nicknamed "The King"
  • Bardot

    actress Bridget Bardot
  • Alabama

    segregation is present in the south, mainly around Alabama and Mississippi, lower states
  • Budapest

    there was a hungarian revolution during this tijme thagt effected many people
  • Payton Place

    A novel written by Grace Metalious.
  • Princess Grace

    Grace Patricia Kelly was an American actress who became the princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III in 1956.
  • Trouble in the Suez

    The Suez Crisis was an invasion of Egypt by Israel, Britain, and France with the goal of putting the Suez Canal back into Western control.
  • Khrushchev

    arrived in the United States, Tensions were high