Walsh Supranationalism Devolution Timeline

By dwalsh
  • Supranationalism Triple Etente

    Supranationalism Triple Etente
    Countries: Breat Britian, France, Russia
    Type: political/military
    Purpose: Agree to not fight against each other and make sure Germany doesn't gain power over Europe.
  • Supranationalism Central Powers

    Supranationalism Central Powers
    Countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria,
    Type: political/military
    Purpose: To regain lost territories.
  • Supranationalim IOC

     Supranationalim IOC
    Countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin,
    Type: Cultural
    Purpose: Promoting Islamic solidarity by coordinating activities and eleminate racial segregation.
  • Devolution Catalonia/Spain

     Devolution Catalonia/Spain
    Type: Economic
    Catalonia gained autonomy
    Purpose: economic strength was so strong and catalonia nation produces 25% of all spanish exports so they didnt want them to become a seperste country and loose all the income.
  • Supationalism European Union (EU)

    Supationalism European Union (EU)
    Countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemborg, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Finland
    Type: economic
    Purpose: Lift restriction that impeded flow of coal, iron ore, and steel. Eliminate certain tariffs and common currency.
  • Devolution Hawaii/US

    Devolution Hawaii/US
    Type: Political
    Hawaii gained autonomy
    Purpose: Hawaii wanted righst returned and wasted to reestablish an independent state.
  • Supranationalism NAFTA

    Supranationalism NAFTA
    Countries: Canada, Mexico, USA
    Type: Economic
    Purpose: Eliminate tariffs and trade restrictions because in the end it was more expensive taxing countries that were closest to you.
  • Devoluton United Kingdom/Scotland

    Devoluton United Kingdom/Scotland
    Type: economic
    Scotland gained autonomy
    Purpose: Scotland couldn't leave the United Kingdom because they had oil and acess to the sea.
  • Devolution Czechoslovakia

    Devolution Czechoslovakia
    Type: Political
    Countries created: Czech Republic and Slovakia
    Purpose: Czechs and Slovaks divided there country along a new international border.
  • Devolution Mezzoglorno/Italy

    Devolution Mezzoglorno/Italy
    Type: cultural
    Mezzoglorno gains autonomy
    Purpose: they have a wealthy north and a poor south and want to seperate because the north is more advanced.