Vodrey's Best Class Aboriginal History

  • Aboriginals get the right to vote

    1960 – Aboriginals living on reserves received right to vote. Previous to this aboriginals had to give p their treaty rights and “Indian Status” in order to vote.
  • National Indian Brotherhood established

    1968 – National Indian Brotherhood established
  • Trudeau publishes “White Paper”

    1969 - Trudeau publishes “White Paper”. Believed that by giving special status to Aboriginals it inherently defeated equality
  • NIB publishes "Red Paper" or Citizens Plus

    1969 – NIB publishes “Red Paper” or Citizens Plus. Demanded rights for self-government
  • Assembly of First Nations established

    1980 – Assembly of First Nations established
  • Bill C-31

    1985 – Bill C-31 – grants bands the right to decide who gets live on reserves. Up to that point it was decided by the Department of Indian Affairs
  • 1990 - The Oka Crisis

    Town of Oka, Que. Sought to expand a golf course into disputed land.Mohawk tribe claimed that the land was not only theirs but was sacred. Mohawk warriors decided to set up a blockade to stop any developments. Oka gov’t called on provincial police to clear the blockade [July]It is unsure as to what happened, but the police advanced, gunfire broke out, then an officer was killed This caused a dramatic escalation on both sides and tension all around. Other tribes in the surrounding area, and a
  • Residential schooling abolished

    1998 - Residential schooling finally abolished.