Venezuela 1945 to present

  • Rómulo Betancourt first term as President [Political]

    Rómulo Betancourt first term as President [Political]
    Rómulo Betancourt, part of the Acción Democrática (AD) party in venezuela is elected president and brought in a program of moderate social reform. These reforms included land for the peasants and some goverment control over the petroleum industry.
  • Rómulo Betancourt ends second term [political]

    After serving his second ter as president (1959-63), He left behind a new constituion used to excersize the poloicy of electing constituanional presidents or Presidents who follow a constituion to avoid another dictatorship. The election following his was the first time using this method.
  • Yom Kuppor War

    The Yum Kuppor war starts. A Fight between Isreal and her surrounding nations. This causes Arabs oil producers in OPEC to no longer want to sell oil to countries that support isreal
  • 1973 Oil Crisis leads to increase in oil prices [Economic]

    Due to the Yom Kuppor War Arab nations refuse to sell oil to other nations that support Isreal. Non-Arab Nations beifit from this and increase oil cost to make more profit. 1973-74 Had the highest oil income profit in Venezuela ever.
  • Second oil crisis [Economic]

    Before the Second oil crisis was the Iranian revolution. This caused Iran to lack in producing oil making the other countries in OPEC to make up for this loss. The over production of oil in Venezuela and raised prices made some countries buy less oil. This caused an overall loss of oil of income that year. This decline of exporting oil in venezuela decreased by about 6 percent over the next few years.
  • President Carlos Andres Perez Takes a loan [Eonomic]

    Due to venezuelas great debt; President Carlos Andres Perez, Takes a loan from the iternational money bank to help their economy.
  • El Caracazo[Social]

    El Caracazo[Social]
    When Carlos Andrés Pérez was elected he promised many plans to change Venezuelas economy. Many of which never happened. Many people were angered by this. This anger lead to a riot called "El Caracazo" from the city it took place in. The Riot lead to a massacare where a death toll between 200-3,000 people were left dead. The roit was a bunch of peoplpe who wanted a more "Neoliberalistic" Venezuela. Neoliberalism means the belief of private enterprises, liberal trade, and open markets.
  • Military coup d'état lead by Hugo chavez [Social]

    Military coup d'état lead by Hugo chavez [Social]
    Angered by the failed results of El Caracazo, Hugo chavez begins building his own Military of people to stage a coup d'état to take Perez out of power. This upriasing was called " Operation Zamora." The plan was to kidnap perez on his way back from a trip over seas. But due to many betrayels in the group Chavez was left only a small amount of faithful rebels to go through with the plan. Perez was able to escape and Chavez gave him self up to Perez's military. He was sent to a jail in San Carlos.
  • Rafael Caldera becomes president [political]

    Rafael Caldera becomes president from election. Shortly after being elected he frees Chavez along with other rebels from jail
  • Hugo chavez won election as president [political]

    Hugo chavez won election as president [political]
    For the past few years after Chavez was let out of jail he toured around Venezuela gaining support from many people. By the time elections came he ran a campaigin aimed towards no poverty or curruption in the goverment. He won by about a 50% higher percentage then his competeors.
  • Period: to

    First reforms as president

    On Feburary 2 he was inagurated as president. Sortly after he began to turn the goverment into more leftist belifs. For example many men who were with him during his coup he elected as delegates in the goverment. He also used serect police in his presidency.
    alsoo during his presidency he believe capitalism was a good economic poloicy but wanted Venezuela to begin a switch to Neo-liberalism. In order to make this chage he visited other countries trying to convince them to invest in thier market
  • Coup Against Chavez

    Many people began a rally agaisnt the failing oil production (and failing economy). Military members were sent to break this riot up. Pro-Chevez supporters tried to join and break the protest up, this lead to a more violent protest.
  • Columbian relations decrease

    Colubian Relations with Venezuela begin to decrease after columbia allows US troops to use military base in Columbia.
  • Iran and Venezuela Strengthen relations ships.

    During the month of October, Venezuelan President Chavez visits Iran to meet with the president and talk about a certain issue involving americans and their imperialistic ways.