Vanessa Meads

  • Birth of Mother, Cynthia Denise Pope

    current age 49
    Registered Nurse
    Enjoys family focused activities
  • Birth of Father, Vance Edward Meads

    Current age 49
    Retired from the United States National Guard
    Self employed at Topsy B Trucking
    Enjoys traveling via land, hunting, and cooking
  • Death of Alexander Pope (maternal grandfather)

    My grandfather died prior to my birth. He was mentally ill, and was institutionalized where he later died.
  • Father and Mother Wed

  • My Birth at Fort Carson, Colorado

  • Spoke first audible words per mother ("dada")

    Erickson described this stage as "trust vs. mistrust", the stage where trust, confidence, and optimism is developed. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT
  • took first steps

  • Moved from Fort Carson, CO to Ypsilanti, MI

  • started to speak in audible sentence form per mother

  • Start of Preschool

    Erickson described this stage as "Initiative vs. Guilt". At this age I attended Perry School. I can slightly recollect the appearance of my teacher. My favorite past time was playing outdoors in the playhouse as a wife in the kitchen. PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT
  • start of elementary, 1st grade

    Erickson described this stage as "Industry vs. Inferiority " wher new skills and knowledge is built. My first grade teacher's name was MRS. TSORTZINOS. I can recall her name so well because I spent hours learning how to spell it. I was so proud of myself. Unfortunately I felt moments of inferiority due to body image, many academic accomplishments.
  • start of Junior High, 6th grade

  • Started High School

  • Death of Son Meads (paternal grandfather)

    I was in High School when my grandfather died. He fell while at home and was later diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Grandad was the real first experience of loss for me. PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT
  • Death of Catherine Pope (maternal grandmother)

    The death of my grandmother caused great strain on my family. Spite my grandmother being ready to leave this earth behind, many of us weren't ready to say goodbye.
  • Completed LPN program

  • weight loss

    loss 30 pounds after struggling with many fad diets
  • Moved from parents home into my own home

  • Diagnosed with endometriosis

    This disease has allowed excess growth of endometrial tissue in areas other than the uterus causing scarring and fertility problems for me. BIOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT
  • Asher Mikell Kirkland (Significant Other) sent to Afghanistan

    An unexpected third deployment with a safe return!
  • Death of Topsy Meads (paternal grandmother)

  • Asher Mikell Kirkland asked for my hand in marriage

  • Married Asher Mikell Kirkland

    Erickson describes this stage as Intimacy and Solidarity vs. Isolation – Love. I was 26 when we wed. We are currently in the process of expanding our family.
  • Completed ADN at Schoolcraft College

  • Period: to


    Hoping to have children with medical assistance in the near future.
  • completion of BSN from UDM

    Currently I have obtained an ADN from SCC with intent of eventually obtaining a MSN as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. COGNITVE DEVELOPMENT
  • MSN from UDM

  • 10 Years and Counting

    Me and my husband celebrate 10 years of marriage

    Me and my husband move to Virginia for retirement