Utah Timeline

  • Mexican/ Spaish War - Mexico wins

    Mexico wins independence from Spain and claims Utah.
  • Salt Lake City

    This was founded by a group of Mormon pioneers in search of a region where they could practice their religion, free from hostile mobs and persecution. When Brigham Young first saw the valley.
  • School teacher

    The First School Teacher in Utah, Mrs. Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond, taught first school in Salt Lake City. Came to Huntsville with her husband Bishop Francis A. Hammond.
  • Slavery Abolished

    Practice of slavery was never widespread, but there was a few pioneers who owned slaves till Congress fully abolished slaavery in this territory.
  • The Abolishment of Slavery.

    The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S Constitution is ratified, thus officially abolishing slavery.
  • Women's Voting Rights

    Utah became the second territory to give the vote to women; Wyoming had passed a women's suffrage act in 1869. No states permitted women to vote at the time.
  • Railroads

    Completion of the world's first transcontinental railroad was celebrated at Promontory where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met. It is now known as Golden Spike National Historic Site.
  • Becoming a State

    On January 4, 1896 Utah became the 45th state
  • Utah's flag

    The official State Seal was adopted on 3 April 1896. The seal was, according to the most accurate accounts designed by Harry Emmett Edwards.
  • First senator shot

    Arthur Brown, one of the first two U.S. senators elected after Utah gained statehood, died in the Emergency Hospital in Washington, D.C., from complications following a gunshot wound.
  • State Flower

    The sego lily was made the official state flower after a census was taken of the state's school children as to their preference for a state flower.
  • State Bird

    A bill was introduced in the Utah House of Representatives by Richard C. Howe promoting the California gull as the official state bird. The bill was approved by the Utah Legislature and Governor J. Bracken Lee signed the legislation adopting the sea gull as the official state bird.
  • Beehive State

    Early Mormon settlers have been described as having carried "swarms of bees" with them. This nickname commemorates the industry of the people of Utah.