U.S.A. Presidential Elections: 1977-2012

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  • A Close Race for Carter and Ford

    A Close Race for Carter and Ford
    Jimmy Carter and running mate Walter Mondale take the lead with 297 electoral votes and 50.1% of the popular vote. Republicans Gerald Ford and Bob Dole follow close behind in the popular vote by a dfference of 2.1%, but receive only 240 electoral votes. Depite this outcome, Ford and Dole are the top choice for 27 states, while the Democratic Party carry the majority vote for 23 states.
  • Republicans Return under Ronald Reagan

    Republicans Return under Ronald Reagan
    After receiving one vote in the 1976 election, Republican Ronald Reagan wins the vote in 44 states, receives a score of 489 in electoral votes, and 50.7% of the popular vote. Former President Carter carries the vote for 6 states, scores 49 electoral votes and constitutes for 41% of the popular vote.
  • Reagan Re-elected

    Reagan Re-elected
    Ronald Reagan is elected into his second term with running mate George H.W. Bush. The Republicans see a strong positive response from American citizens, winning the vote for 49 states, an electoral vote total of 525, and 58.8% of the popular vote. Democrat Walter Mondale receives 13 electoral votes, and collects the most votes in Washington D.C.
  • V.P. Moves Up the Ranks

    V.P. Moves Up the Ranks
    Vice President since 1980, George H.W. Bush is elected into presidency after receiving 426 electoral votes and 53.4% of the popular vote. Democratic competitor Michael Dukakis wins the vote in 10 states inlcuding Washington, however reaches only 111 electoral votes and 45.6% of the popular vote.
  • Beating around the Bush

    Beating around the Bush
    Bill Clinton and running mate Al Gore of the Democratic Party put George H.W. Bush out of the White House, winning 370 electoral votes, 43% of popular votes, and carrying the popularity in 32 states. Bush and mate Dan Quayle are favoured in 18 states, with 37.7% of popular votes and 168 in the electoral category. The remaining 18.9% of popular votes go to Independent Party candidate Ross Perot and running mate James Stockdale.
  • Democrats stay for second term

    Democrats stay for second term
    Clinton and Gore are re-elected as the result of 379 electoral votes and 49.24% of the popular vote. They are the prominant decision of 31 states, while Bob Dole and Jack Kemp of the Republican Party dominate the results for 19 states, and reach159 electoral votes and obtain 40.71% of the popular vote.
  • Bush Family Bites Back

    Bush Family Bites Back
    Republicans take back the spotlight with George H.W.'s son, George W. Bush. He and running mate Dick Cheney earn 271 electoral votes, 47.9% of the popular vote and are favoured in 30 states. Runner-ups Al Gore and Joe Lieberman fight a close battle, receiving only 5 electoral votes less than the Republicans, and winning the popular vote with 48.4%. The Democratic representatives are most voted for in 20 states, including Washington.
  • George W. Bush Re-elected

    George W. Bush Re-elected
    The Republicans hold their lead after earning 286 electoral votes and 50.7% of the popular vote. Bush and Cheney win the majority of votes in 31 states. John Kerry and John Edwards of the Democratic Party win 252 electoral votes, represent 48.3% of the popular vote, and are the dominant choice for 19 states, including Washington.
  • African-American Wins the Vote

    African-American Wins the Vote
    The Democratic Party regains strength, and the first African-American President is elected. Barak Obama and current Vice President Joe Biden receive 365 electoral votes, make for 52.8% of the popular vote, and are the dominate choice for 28 states. Competitors John McCain and Sarah Palin score 173 electoral votes, and shape 45.9% of the popular vote. The Republicans are favoured in 22 states, and host the first woman in America to run for the position of Vice President.
  • Obama is re-elected

    Obama is re-elected
    Obama and Biden keep their positions after winning 303 electoral votes and 50.3% of the popular vote. The Democrats are favoured in 25 states. Republican representatives Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan constitute for 206 electoral votes and 48.1% of the popular vote.Their team wins the majority of votes in 23 states.