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U.S. Imperialism: Hawaii 2

By hippo6
  • U.S. receives Pearl Harbor

    The United States receives exclusive to enter and establish a naval base at Pearl harbor and causes us to try to annex Hawaii.
  • Lili'uokulani proclaims new constitution

    Lili'uokulani proclaims new constitution
    The Hawaiin leader decides to create a new constitution. This causes a huge uproar with the American businessman there and then makes the U.S. mad.
  • Hawaiin Government is Overthrown

    Hawaiin Government is Overthrown
    The last monarch in Hawaii was Queen Lili'uokalani. She was defeated by many american citizens who were opposed by her attempts to create a new constitution.
  • Republic of Hawaii is established.

    Republic of Hawaii is established.
    The Republic of Hawaii was established after the monarchy was overrun a year before. The Republic of Hawaii was run by Sanford B. Dole.
  • Last Attempt at a Monarchy

    The Hawaiians try once more to restore their long-lost monarchy, and they failed.
  • Lili'oukulani signs the abdication document.

    Lili'oukulani signs the abdication document.
    She finally gives up the monarchy and the republic is the leader.
  • Hawaii is officially annexed to the U.S.

    Afetr all that happened, the United States has officially annexed Hawaii under our control and power.
  • Hawaii becomes U.S. territory

    Hawaii becomes U.S. territory
    The U.S. Congress passed the Newlands Resolution which annexed the former Kingdom of Hawaii and later Republic of Hawaii to the United States.
  • Japanesse attack Pearl Harbor

    Japanesse attack Pearl Harbor
    This attack on a hawaiian harbor got the USA involved in World War Two
  • Hawaii becomes a state.

    Not until 1959 did Congress vote to let Hawaii enter the Union. President Eisenhower signed the bill on March 18, 1959, and the question was then put to the Hawaiian electorate, who voted for statehood on June 27, 1959 by a margin of about 17 to 1. Hawaii became the 50th state on 21 August 1959.