US History Timeline

  • US Purchases Alaska

    US Purchases Alaska
    Seward arranged for the U.S. to buy Alasks for $7.2 million. Seward had trouble perswading the House Of Representives to approve for funding the purchase. Some people thought it was stupid to buy what they called Seward's icebox. Time Showed that they were wrong.
  • Congress Proclaimed Hawaii An American Teritorry

    Congress Proclaimed Hawaii An American Teritorry
    Congress proclaimed Hawaii an American Territory even though Hawaiins never had the chance to vote. The event marked the end of a lengthy internal strugle between native Hawaiins and white American businessmen for control of the Hawaiin government
  • Assassination Leads To War

    Assassination Leads To War
    In June of 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. He was the heir to the Austrain thrown. Gavrilo Princip shot the Archduke and his wife. Princip was part of the Black Hand organization.
  • The Fighting Starts

    The Fighting Starts
    Germany invaded Belgium, following a strategy know as the Schlieffen Plan. Thw plan called for a holding action against Russia, combined with a quick drive through Belgium to Paris.
  • The 1916 Election

    The 1916 Election
    The Democrat renominated Wilson, and the Republicans nominated Supreme court justice Charles Evans Hughes. Wilson campaigned on the slogan "He Kept Us Out Of War".
  • Changing Ways Of Life

    Changing Ways Of Life
    Americans Experienced cultural conflicts as customs and values changed in the 1920's. There were rual and urban differences. This was also the time of the Prohibition Experiment. Organized crime started to break out. Science and Religion began to clash.
  • The Twenties Women

    The Twenties Women
    American women pursued new lifestyles and assumed newjobs and differnt roles in society during the 1920's. Young women srated to change the rules, and shed their old roles at home, and at work. There were new work opportunities and the general idea of the family was changing.
  • Education And Popular Culture

    Education And Popular Culture
    The mass media, movies, and spectator sports played important roles in creating the popular culture of the 1920's- a culture that many artists and writers would criticized. The schools and the mass media helped shape the culture. News started to expand, and radeos were invented. America started to chase new heros, and old dreams. Entertainment and the arts stared to become better then ever before. Writers began writing of insightfull things.
  • The Harlem Renaissance

    The Harlem Renaissance
    African American ideas, politics, art, literature, and music flourished in Harlem and elsewhere in the United States. In the 1920's, Afircan voices began to start to matter. The Harlem Renaissance begun to flower in New York. African Americans begun to wrote. They also begun to perform. They were normally sing jazz.
  • D-Day

    under eisenhower's direction in england, the allies gatherd a force of nearly 3 million british, american, and canadian troops, together mountains, of military equipment and suppiles.
  • The Battle Of The Bulge

    The Battle Of The Bulge
    americans captured their first german town,
  • Roosevelts's death

    Roosevelts's death
    while posing for a portrait in warm springs, georgia, the president had a stroke and died.
  • america supports france in vietnam

    america supports france in vietnam
    seeking to stregthen its ties with france and to fight the spread of communism, united states provided the french with massive econmic and military support.
  • Alaska Became A State

    Alaska Became A State
    In 1959 Alaska became a state. For About 2 cents an acre, the US had aquride a land in rich timber, minerals, and oil supprisinly. Because of this change, the American Flag had to be changed to have 49 stars on it. Alaska was nicknamed the Midnight Star because the sun is visable at midnight. Parts of Alaska are bathed in 24 hours of daylight. In Barrow, the sun doesn't set for 84 days. The it is dark all day long for 84 days.
  • Hawaii Became A State

    Hawaii Became A State
    in Ju the Hawaiin people voted by a wide majority to accept admittance into the United States. Hawaii became the 50th state in the U.S.. The American Flag had to be changed to have 50 stars on it.
  • the working class goes to war

    the working class goes to war
    most soliders who fought in vietnam were in because of the manipulatable draft. under this system,, all males had to register with their local draft bonds when they turned 18.
  • tet offensive turns to war.

    tet offensive turns to war.
    began with a daring surprise attack by the vietcong and the north vietnamises army on numerious cities. stunned the american public.
  • the great society suffers

    the great society suffers
    as the number of u.s troops in vietnam increased, the war becomes more costly, and the nations economy began to suffer. the inflation rate was less thn 2% throughout the 1960's, more then tripled to 5.5% in 1969.