US History Revolutionary Thinking

  • Bacon- Not the fried stuff you get from a piggy

    Nathanial Bacon leads a charge rebelling agains the Virginian goverment
  • A School of Fish

    Harvard ministers found the college known as Yale in New Haven.
  • Smokey wouldn't approve!

    John Edwards lights the fire that starts the Great Awakaning
  • Twist that V, Dot that I, Curl That c-t-o-r-y, VICTORY!

    Zenger's trial becomes viral and he ends up getting a lawyer, Andrew Hamilton. Not just any lawyer though, Hamilton was the most famous colonial lawyer. He ends up helping Zenger win the case!
  • A Long Seven Years

    Beginning of the seven years war
  • Barbara wasn't the only one who wanted people to stop from raining on her parade

    The navigation act and the molasses act are in play as attempts by the king to stop international trade.
  • Even Superman cannot solve this problem

    Smuggling was HUGE and about 700,000 British pounds per year were ullegally taken to America
  • The Beginning of a Bloody Brilliant Battle

    The Boston Massacre, British redcoats were antagonized and were forced to shoot into te crowd, killing five men in the act.
  • If US Weekley Can do it, Why Couldn't He?

    New York printer John Peter Zenger is accused of publishing information that went agains the goverment.
  • Even Too Mad for the Hatter

    The Boston tea party! Colonists, in protest against tea act, they dressed as Native Americans and dumped all the British tea into the harbor.