U.S Currency

  • colonial notes

    colonial notes
    before and jusrt after the american revolution, Americans used English, Spanish, and French currencies
  • Continental Currencies

    Continental Currencies
    American colonists issued paper currency for the Continental Congress to finance the Revolutionary War.
  • The Nation's First Bank

    The Nation's First Bank
    Bank of North America in Philidalphea supported the Revolutionary War.
  • The Dollar

    The Dollar
    Continental congress adopted the dollar as the national currency.
  • U.S. Mint

    U.S. Mint
    Federal Monetary System was established
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Congress authorized the United States Treasury to issue paper money for the first time in the form of non-interest bearing Treasury Notes called Demand Notes.
  • In God We Trust

    In God We Trust
    Paper currency printed In God We Trust for the first time
  • Currency Redesigned

    Currency Redesigned
    The newly designed $100 was introduced in 1996, the $50 in 1997, and the $20 in 1998. The new $50 was the first to incorporate a low-vision feature, a large dark numeral on a light background on the lower right corner of the back, to help people with low vision identify the denomination.