United Kingdom 1900-now

  • Labour Party founded.

    Labour Party founded.
  • Period: to

    United kingdom

  • Death of Queen Victoria.

  • Boer War ends.

  • Labour Party wins fifty-three seats in the General Election.

  • The physicist Rutherford propounds a new theory of the atom. Parliament curtails power of the House of lords; establishes five-yearly elections.

  • The Great War (First World War) breaks out.

  • Dardanelles expedition, ending in British withdrawal from Gallipoli.

  • The Great War finally ends after immense destruction and loss of life. Limited female franchise granted in Britain.

  • Creation of the Irish Free State, following the treaty concluded with Sinn Fein in December 1921.

  • General Strike (3-12 may)

  • Chamberlain meets Hitler in Munich. Abdication of Edward VIII.

  • British Empire declares war on Germany

  • End of war in Europe. General election; massive Labour victory; Attlee becomes Prime Minister.

  • General election; Labour win with much larger

  • British troops are sent into Northern Ireland.

  • Prime Minister Heath announces direct rule in Northern Ireland. Stormont abolished. School-leaving age raised to 16.

  • Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Channel Tunnel treaty signed.

  • General election; Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative government again returned

  • The single European market takes effect.

  • Labour Party elected to power under Tony Blair with a massive majority.