Unit 5 Timeline

  • Jethro Tull invents Seed Drill

    The seed drill revolutionized farming by allowing farmers to plant seeds in neat, rifled holes and planted seeds at even intervals inside the soil, which was much more effective than the previous method of scattering seeds on the ground.
  • John Kay invents Flying Shuttle

    The invention of the flying shuttle increased the speed at which textiles could be produced, and greatly increased the profits of the textile industry. It was the first step in the process of industrializing the textile industry.
  • James Watt invents the Steam Engine

    The invention of the steam engine by John Watt radically altered every field of human life, and kicked off a string of even more revolutionary ideas, and increased the pace of industrialization
  • Marx and Engels publish Communist Manifesto

    This book was a response to the greediness of laissez-faire capitalism and was a radical form of utilitarianism / utopianism. This book was the foundations of Marxism and Communism
  • End of US Civil War, beggining of US technological boom

    The end of the US Civil War and the smuggling of spinning jenny plans to the US started a string of inventions and kicked of industrialization in devastated post-war America
  • Germany Becomes Industrial Power

    Coal and iron in the Ruhr Valley of western Germany allows the principalities to be turned into a modern nation-state, and makes Germany one of the major industrial powers of the world.
  • British Unions win right to strike

    Labor Unions formed by opressed workers in heavilt industrialized Britain earn their right from Parlaiment to strike, or speak out against their employers