Unit 4 2012 Deadlines

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    Unit 4 2012 Deadline

  • Unit 4 AO1 Deadline: 3 Multimedia Site Reviews

    Have you described the good and not so good features of three different media prducts (A Web-site, game, flash site)? (PASS) For each site did you explain one things you would avoid doing? (PASS) Did yout explain the purpose for each of the web-sites & describe possible improvements? (MERIT) Did you explain the aim for each web-site? (DISTINCTION)
  • Unit 4 AO2 Deadline: Proposal, Site Map & Designs

    In your proposal did you clealy explain your audiance and purpose? (PASS) in detail (MERIT) Do your 12 Page design show where most of your elements will go (PASS) ALL of your element will go (MERIT) Does you site map show how you pages each link together (PASS) Have you completed all parts of the proposal sheet in detail? (MERIT) Have you explained your site map? (MERIT) Does you storyboard highlight where every element will go and each element is clearly labelled? (DISTINCTION)
  • AO4: House Style Submission

    Submit house style (master slides) by end of lesson.
  • Unit 4 AO3 & AO4 Deadline: Powerpoint & Source Table

    Does your presentation have... 12 Slides (PASS)
    Text (PASS)
    Images (PASS)
    Animation (MERIT)
    Sound (PASS)
    Slide Transistion (PASS)
    Links to pages (PASS)
    A Link to the internet (PASS) Does you source table show where you got you different information from for your presentation and have you been saving these elements? Some (PASS), Most (MERIT), All (Distinction) of the information (Image, video, animations, sounds) is stored in AO3 folder and added to the source table.
  • Unit 4 AO5 Deadline: Test Table

    Have you tested that your navigation links work? (PASS) Have you tested Most of the test listed on AO5? (MERIT) Have you tsted all the items listed under AO5? (DISTINCTION) Did you discover two things that need to change? (MERIT) and did you make those changes and save you presetnation again with a different name? (DISTINCTION)
  • Unit 4 AO6 Deadline: Feedback & Evaluation Sheets

    Has someone completed the quick feedback sheet for you? (PASS) Has someone completed the detailed feedback sheet for you? (MERIT) Did you complete the evaluation document and highlight things to improve? (PASS) Did you explain your presentations strengths and weaknesses in your evaluation and explain how ou would make improvements? (DISTINCTION)