Unit 3 Timeline

  • Montesquieu Publishes Book, On The Spirit Of Laws

    Montesquieu wasan enlightenment philosophe who believed in the idea of sepereation of powers.
  • America Declares Independence

    Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence, which incorporated the enlgightenments ideas of Locke and Rouseau.
  • French Revolution

    The French Revolutions started becasue of high grain prices.
  • Napoleon overthrows the Directory through a coup d’eta

    Napoleon was in fact not French, but Corsican.
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor, begins to create a vast European Empire

    When the Pope was about to crown Napoleon, Napoleon took the crown from the Pope and crowned himself, suggesting that he was even more powerful than the Pope.
  • Haiti wins freedom from France

    Haiti was the only successful slave revolt.
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for Mexican Independence

    Hidalgo was a poor but well educated priest.
  • Napoleon is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo

    After Napoleon was defeated, he was exiled to the remote Atlantic Island of St. Helena.