Unit 23 Deadlines

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    Unit 23 Deadlines

  • AO1 Video Reviews Deadline

    Have you listed the good & bad features of two videos? (PASS) Have you identified something from the videos that you would do/avoid in your own video? (PASS) Have you stated the puporse of the videos? (MERIT) Have you explained the good/bad features of the two videos? (MERIT) Have you explained why you would include/avoid things from the videos in your video? (MERIT) Have you said who the audiance is for each video? (DIST.) Have you linked good/bad features to the audience/purpose? (DIST.)
  • AO2 Planning Documents Deadline

    Have you described the audience for you video? (PASS) Does your storyboard show timing (Must be over 30 secs), effects, transistion and basic detail of what happens in each scene? (PASS) Have you stated the purpose of your video? (MERIT) Have you include details about audio/text on your storybard? (MERIT) Have you explained how you audience/purpose effect your video design? (DIST.) Can your storyboard be followed by someone else to make your video inc. trimming/spliiting required? (DIST.)
  • AO3 Video & Screenshot Evidence Deadline

    Is your video at least 30 seconds long? (PASS) Does it include a video, image and audio? (PASS) Have you published/exported the video? (PASS) Have you produced screenshots of trimming & splitting? (PASS) Have you added text/transisitons/effects? (MERIT) Have you added more that one piece of audio? (MERIT) Does you video closeley follow your storyboard? (DIST.) Have you added a narration track which mathces the video? (DIST.) Have you explained you choice of compressions? (DIST.)
  • AO4 Video Evaluation Deadline

    Have you compared your video to its purpose & your storyboard? (PASS) Have you discussed the finsihed quality & your use of effects/transistions? (PASS) Have you listed one improvement? (PASS) Have you compared your video to the audience? (MERIT) Have you explaiend changes from your storyboard? (MERIT) Have you discussed your use of text/timing? (MERIT) Have you included someones opinion? (MERIT) Have you explained why you would make changes & reviewed you planning (DIST.)